Stranded on Earth       

Chapter 22


Brigitte's brother.

From time to time, Brigitte went back to see her brother, and even he occasionally came to her house. Robert remains in high spirits, despite his tragically short future. He even is looking better and better, from apathetic and egocentric he is now interested in everything, kayaking, amateur astronomy, subscribes to magazines like «Geo» and he does not miss a movie outing at «Connaissance du Monde».

According to the posthumous advice of the Grandma, Brigitte spoke to him, about Spirit, ecology, the Universal Laws of Happiness. She found in him a sympathetic ear, an interlocutor with pertinent questions. But is he really convinced? How do you know? He assimilated Brigitte's teachings, and even others on his own initiative. But with what strange distortion... Brigitte realized his almost complete lack of moral sense, of Sensitivity to others. He filled this terrible gap with a strange intellectual scaffolding, which some readers may sometimes hear about: the story of the egoist who realizes that Happiness comes from relationships with others, and who, in order to obtain these relationships, behaves in a good and altruistic way... out of selfishness. And Brigitte's brother thus began to practice the most beautiful Virtues: Kindness, Prevention, Helpfulness... with a strange cynicism in the background. And of course, he threw himself into the awful grotty-fachist fashion of that time, black clothes, spiky hair and suicidal music, the AIDS fashion as Brigitte calls it.

Overall, Robert has progressed, but like an onion, he will have to reject another old skin before being really himself. «In ten years», he says, as if he knew his life programme in advance. Mysterious guy!


Added in 2019: Robert is still alive today, which brings him to retirement age. Victim of President Sarkozy's scam on retirement pensions, he was able to arrange things with his boss, who made him an economic layoff (Which in France brings numerous advantages, including a full pay for one year). Thus he got his time free earlier than expected, even though he is not yet officially retired.

He was never able to have a companion, because of the disease. But this disease never broke out, probably because he is one of the minority with a protective gene.

He tried to get involved in a large right-wing extremist party, before finally understanding that these dark parties ask a lot from their members, while giving very little. So he is now devoting himself to more creative hobbies. A trip to Thailand finally decided him to make humanitarian donations, and to abandon the selfish political orientations seen above.

* * *

Arnaud and Gunniverre

There too, Brigitte almost met these two, at the faculty, in the same amphitheatre, during the strikes. (Under other names, of course) She probably even talked to them, but they never accompanied her to the students' eating box, being already ecologists and organic for a long time.

But I see some who do not follow: Wasn't Gunniverre Aurora? So Brigitte? Yes, but if Gunniverre's soul was indeed Aurora, for that very reason she had no possible future with Arnaud. It was a beginner soul, moved by Gunniverre's fate, who had taken on her memories, had entered into her story, into her film. This is not a normal thing, but it is done this way in certain particular cases, when it proves beneficial. In this case, it helped Arnaud to rebuild a positive mindset after his ordeal. The beginner soul also benefited greatly herself, inheriting the beautiful feelings, powerful and pure, of the ex-châtelaine. Even in the age of astronautics, she was much more Gunniverre than Aurora herself had ever been.


Even physically, she resembled her: small in stature, light but round in shape, intensely black hair, even a light perfume on her smooth, white, slightly translucent skin. She has enraged all the beauty product merchants in town, asking them for a sun cream which prevents tanning, to keep her white damsel-like complexion which suits her to perfection. Oh, how unhappy they were! Never ask a shopkeeper for something that «people don't ask for»! As if this was not enough, she did it again some time later, this time demanding freon-free products, which at the time was equivalent to asking if the Earth was rotating in the middle of the inquisition. Ah the fashions...

(Added in 2019: Freon has finally been banned, despite reluctance and prophecies of doom. But it was nothing compared to the avalanche of climate-denial pus which sabotaged the ban on fossil fuels).


As for Arnaud, his good incarnations in India had not brought him what he expected. It must be said that there was some... laziness. «Hey, I shall do this job in the next life, in the meantime I'm having fun» he thought, as many other Hindus. But the next life was here, now, and he had no more time to waste.

Luckily he had gotten serious this time. From India he brought back the vegetarian diet, which he had been able to make his parents understand from the age of twelve, and which he offered to Gunniverre when he found her at the age of fifteen. What a marvel, to discover Love at such a young age, with the tender complicity of their parents, who knew right away that they were made the one for the other! Gunniverre nowadays is a calm and cheerful young girl, who knows her traditions and Nature, without idealizing the past (She knew it...) Arnaud plays very well the guitar, the tempura and even a little sitar, and here he is, a student as whimsical and primal as precise in his work, who is preparing a Science Bachelor, aiming at the CNRS or the CNES.


The seed of a true scientist...

Perhaps he caresses some secret hope of some day freeing himself away from the Earth's attraction, in an apotheosis of flames and thunder...


As in the past the brief and pathetic love of Gunniverre and Arnaud, however chaste it was, had not less deeply marked their two subtle bodies, it was normal that this couple found each other and finally, eight centuries later, made a beautiful happiness without flaws... Which will be reflected on other humans, in the form of beautiful creations for a better world.

* * *

⚠ ⚠ ⚠ !! Frédérique and Martine.

These two are definitely lost, you will think. Well no, the Universe had not abandoned them to their sad fate. It has time, the universe. But what else but terrible trials could have broken through such a thick shell of pride? «Suffering makes you evolve» repeated Frédérique to anyone who would listen. But what he did not knew, was that what he claimed to teach others was precisely what he needed the most. A compassionate soul stood up, to provoke the cruel trial, which Frédérique's refusal to move forward had made unavoidable.

Proud they were, of their cute little baby. «A child of light» «A little angel» repeated over and over all the followers of their group. Much to the great annoyance of Gerard and Helen, who were predicted that their own children would be anaemic and socially maladjusted. A little angel, he must indeed have been one, for having accepted such an ungrateful mission. It must be said that Frédérique, like the Baron in the past, had melted before this candour of the beginnings of life. This was the flaw in his shell of pride, so to speak. A breach through which a little Purity and Goodness could enter in him. And they did: probably for the first time in his history, this soul loved, and enjoyed good feelings. A similar alchemy must also have occurred in Martine, who, in front of her child, for the first time in her life smiled without calculation. She felt a delicious surprise... Of course her terrible pride did not let her admit it, she instead said that she was «feeling energies», but it was indeed the very first form of Love, maternal Love, which was awakening in her.

We must not think that they were cured of evil just for that. One does not rise so easily from the most terrible abyss, and especially not without effort, and especially not without fighting mercilessly all the illusions that they created to lock themselves in (This is also karma). But Good had succeeded in making a bridgehead, thanks to the so innocent face of the baby angel.

Martine, who had a bit of a gift of clairvoyance, was worried that morning. For the hundredth time, she had had this incomprehensible dream: Her beloved child was not hers, but Brigitte's, and she had to give him back to her. You can imagine how terribly heartbroken... When she saw Frédérique get into the car with the baby, she felt an indefinable anguish... But how could she tell him? He would have brushed her away. She, who had knowingly broken up several families with false visions, found herself that morning her tongue paralysed, unable to open her mouth to say a real one...

As is often the case with stubborn people, as soon as someone tried to explain something to Frédérique, even if it was in his interest, he would systematically take the opposite view. So Cheryl, his former girlfriend, whose photos Brigitte had found, begged him not to drive too fast in the car. She had been traumatized by a terrible accident in which, as a teenager, she had lost her parents. Frédérique had responded, as usual with false masters, by putting together a whole pseudo-theory about the need to face our fears, and he applied it by driving much too fast on these narrow mountain roads, extrapolating the appearance of the roadway far beyond what he could actually see. «Trees never cross the road», he retorted to those who dared to warn him of his recklessness. But precisely, that morning, an old acacia tree crossed the road, broken cleanly under the weight of an overgrown ivy. And, driving as usual much faster than he could see, Frédérique did not discover it until it was way too late.

⚠ When he regained consciousness, after the terrible shock, he found himself ejected next to his car, from which a thick column of black smoke was rising, twisting horribly. «The baby! In the car!» He could frantically burn his hands to the shredded metal sheets in the stinking smoke, there was nothing more he could do. The angel was gone.

⚠ Frédérique could scream at injustice and blame the universe, but he found himself alone in the face of his immense suffering, his infinite regret...

⚠ Too much for him.

⚠ Nothing compared to what he had done to others.

⚠ It was still groggy and bloody when he walked home, to tell Martine the terrible news...


Today, if you pass by, you might still find the sessions «full of super-vibrations». But the animators are a little less arrogant than in the beginning, a little more attentive to the sufferings of others... And a little more careful at the driving wheel. Above all, since suffering had made them evolve, they refrain from repeating this nasty aphorism at every street crossing. It is about time, because Martine and Frédérique have now reached an age beyond which it becomes increasingly difficult to choose the Good, to study and apply themselves what they claim to teach others.

For the first time perhaps, these souls had suffered for somebody else, and no longer on themselves. Part of their fortress of cynicism had collapsed, and perhaps through the breach so dramatically opened, a little light managed to warm their souls still trapped in their dungeons. Oh, well, it will take time for them to awaken, no doubt it will take them many lives, no doubt they will still have the opportunity to strut about before the eyes of their worshippers. But, if it is impossible to enter the citadel of pride from the outside, it is like a walnut shell, which will inevitably give way under the humble thrust of the soul germinating within.


Let us not cast the first stone at these two.

Perhaps it was us, a long time ago.



As for the little angel, who did not hesitate to endure this terrible death to help Frédérique and Martine know the price of life, who was he? Some have said that it was Frédérique's guardian angel who tried this desperate manoeuvre. Others have speculated that it was one of her suicide victims, who came to help him out of the grips of evil. I even heard whispers that he was none other than... Oh! Him! This can't be happening! But who knows... Remember, he often disappeared lately, without ever saying why. No, the little angel will never say his real name. This moving sacrifice of Love will remain forever humble and anonymous.



(Added in 2019) (spoiler!) The story finally broke, years later. Somewhere in one of the deepest astral travel halls in Irizdar, Adenankar and Milareva had just arrived, to watch over a silhouette which had been lying under blankets for several months. They stayed for a while to meditate too. Suddenly, the silhouette jumped up, contorting and uttering strange cries. Then Nellio finally wakes up normally. «So this is pain», he said. Then «It is over now». He tried to get up, but was staggered to have remained so long without eating. Adenankar had brought some fruit jelly, and Milareva a bottle of water. Nellio sat down for a while, until he got his strength back. «He will no more destroy any more souls now», he said again. Then they left this place, never to return. A few days later, carpenters from Irizdar came to burn these blankets and fill this underground passage with the earth of the dead.

* * *

Brigitte-Aurora and Peyreblanque

Brigitte, once back on Earth, has a lot of work remembering everything she experienced during those three wonderful days she spent with her Eolis friends, so dense and varied were the teachings of the Guardians. But she keeps a powerful feeling of Truth that no Earth vicissitude will ever be able to dent: She is an Eoline, and her soul mate is waiting for her on their distant planet. It is literally etched in her brain. With the reassuring certainty that, no matter what happens, even torture or death, she will automatically be brought back to the right place. She also remembers perfectly why she decided, of her own free will, to stay a little longer on Earth.

On returning to the airlock which was taking her back home, Yanathor had said farewell to her. «Our mission is complete now, and we must again obey our law of discretion. All we have to do now is to watch for your return to Aeoliah in some years, but we must do so without appearing ourselves». How heartbreaking it was to see a being like Yanathor saying farewell! She was not sure, but his voice seemed to tremble as he said this. He turned his face away... Could it be that even the Cosmic Master could not hold back his tears as he left his protégée? Moving Cosmic Guardians, demigods so powerful, so perfect, and so close to humans in the same time!


Let us remember that the Cosmic Guardians could have, like the Eolis, ignored sorrow and suffering. But they preferred to know the full extent of human feelings, and in particular the divine Compassion for the victims of evil, in order to better defend them...


There was no return trip. Brigitte had simply opened the door of the airlock, then returned to her room through the window, as she had left it. She found back her bed still warm, as only some minutes passed while she lived three days in the ship.

When she woke up in the morning, she thought for a moment that she dreamed all that. We know how long and complex dreams sometimes are! But her feeling of truth did not deceive her. She remembered the reunion with the Eolis, the incredible projections of the Guardians, the wonderful visions of Aeoliah and space, and above all she kept a powerful feeling of certainty and Happiness accomplished... Some furtive clues lifted the doubt, like a small cut on her finger which had completely healed, and a few other details, for example the exotic fruit crates she discovered in her kitchen, quite ordinary crates that she could have bought at the grocery store, but she was sure she had not bought any. And especially not these fruits, impossible to find in France.

Certainty for her, but total lack of proof for the others, as usual... This is what we call being elusive.

Brigitte had some moments of bitter regrets, of course, for having missed such a wonderful opportunity. But at the same time, she felt a Serenity more powerful than anything she had ever known, a greater strength, a new health, a definitive balance. She did not expected it, yet the gift for others had filled her herself first...


When Gerard found her again, he looked surprised.

«But, you are tanned, how strange! With this weather! And where did you get all this fruits from?»

As she does not answer, he adds:

«These eyes... You have seen again... »

She felt she had to talk to Gerard and his friends from Peyreblanque. She told him everything she remembered. Yanathor had explained her what her mission had consisted of, and the success which crowned it, but of that precisely, only the jubilation of having succeeded remained.

The trip was thus devoted to her story, which Gerard listened at without saying a word, barely surprised, without taking his eyes off the road, as an attentive driver. She observed him. In spite of the incredible nature of his story, he seemed to accept it without the slightest hesitation, and to feel all its weight of emotion. He finally concluded: «I suspected that this story would lead to something grandiose. But it all happened in total anonymity. This morning, as usual, the newspapers are full of nothing but soccer, war, nothing. I have to tell you, Brigitte, that me, at the gates of Paradise, I don't think I would ever be able to make a decision like yours... I would go, basta, too bad for the others. You are quite a woman...»

Gerard did not asked any questions, nor was he surprised. The years of meditation, of cultivating the garden of his soul, of self-observation, had little by little transformed this angry and pretentious ex-student into a strong and serene character, driving his car, like his life, with a sure and calm hand, as they began to meander through the sinuous valley leading to Peyreblanque. And far from culminating, these spectacular metamorphoses were accelerating...



On the wall of her little room in Peyreblanque, Brigitte-Aurora painted the little door Yanathor had asked for, wondering if it would actually be used some day. For what strange adventures? The Eolis landing in Peyreblanque, what a fascinating perspective!



Peyreblanque had to find a new balance, due to the drop in attendance for the lessons, which threatened to bring them even deeper into misery. And then Gérard was so fed up with this image stuck on them, of these lamentable pseudo-communities full of problems that did so much to discredit and sabotage the community movement.



Marc ran into his former boss, who confessed that he had never been able to find a real replacement for him. A few weeks later, Marc went back to work, every other week, and a small but quiet studio found just at the right time. He was also taking over his old yoga association, which had never really recovered from his departure either. Every free week, he goes back down to Peyreblanque, and from time to time the whole group organises a weekend in the mas, not counting of course the summer courses which continue. Because of his new situation, full of contacts, Marc meets a lot of people who explain him their problems, psychological, emotional, spiritual. And he talks to them, helps them, shows them exercises and diets. Yolande paints less often, but with the money Marc now brings in, she thinks she can print reproductions of her paintings, so that everyone can benefit from them. (Added in 2020: the exorbitant costs and the unwillingness of publishers never allowed this project to succeed. So Yolande has put everything on the Internet for free access, on Pinterest, Deviant Art, Flickr, Instagram, etc. where you can find a lot of wonderful images, from her and from many other artist who also appeared more recently)

Gérard, if he had seen Marc going back to town a few months earlier, would have been furious. But he also saw the relative disaffection of Peyreblanque's lessons, which threatened them with material misery, or at least uselessness. How to do otherwise, when all the great anti-money or anti-capitalist discourses had not given birth to even an embryo of mutual aid economy? As for the courses, it was not a problem of publicity or quality: there must have been a deeper reason. A certain fashion had passed. In spite of a clear progress, the authentic spiritual search remained what it had always been: rare.

(Added in 2021: what actually happened is that, as promised by Yanathor, the energies of the New Age movement had been severed, as soon as 1990, to avoid feeding the numerous deviations which appeared, some serious enough like child molestation, I had myself to sue for two such cases. This produced a low in spirituality, but these lows are like the forth and back movement of the swell in the rising tide: each new wave gets higher thanks to the return of experience of the previous one, precisely.)

So Gérard took a different view: «We wanted to cultivate a small garden outside of the old society, which we thought was too rotten. But the small garden did not prosper, because we are not yet strong enough for that. So the few seeds that we were able to reap in our small ideal garden, we are now going to sow them direct in the old society. So, one day, it will be the whole Earth which will be a garden, a big hippie community!!»



He and Brigitte got together. Brigitte thus forgot the sadness of her return to Earth, and found back her healthy joie de vivre in the Service. She had enough money saved or to come for what they had decided, not to mention the participation of the local ecology group.

«Let us say, explained Gerard, that you are a group of people interested in organic veggies and fruits. You collect the bucks, the capital as they say, you buy the equipment, you commit yourself to buy the production or to sell it elsewhere if there is too much for you. I am the manager of the orchard SCOP company. You create my job, I render you a service. It is perfectly understandable with the old rotten concepts of the market economy, but instead of a boss who badgers everybody by trying to impose his product, or a bank which fools around, it is the people, the consumers, who come together to satisfy their real needs.

- Ah, it is an Activity Circle, then!

- Oh no, you were telling me that we can only talk about an Activity Circle if everything is given for free, work as well as its result. If it was an Activity Circle, it would really be taken over in the extreme by the system of wages and commerce. A square of activity, rather. Without going that far, what my system brings in comparison to a classic company, is that it is the consumers, the ordinary people who take charge of satisfying their needs, in the way they understand it, for example in organic, eco-friendly ways. They are the owners of the company, instead of a bank or a boss. They are the ones who decide on the production. The workers, for their part, are the masters of their working conditions, with the guarantee of a minimum outlet. In this indeed it resembles an Activity Circle.

- We are still far from the cosmic laws!

- It is the application of the cosmic laws within the employment-money-commerce-paperwork system. Well, of course, by dipping them like that in this shit, they lose almost all their strength, their Truth, but the little which is left of it is still much more powerful than the big capital itself.

«I rather prefer to do it this way, with a legal contract and all that stuff, than to do it the normal way, hand to hand. If we were all perfectly realized, we could. But you see, in this world where everything can hide the illusion, I don't know... What if I were to deviate? What if one day I miss a step on the path, like so many others, and I get stuck in some side track? If that happened, everyone would get their bits back, and continue the activity on their side. And if the others don't play along, I can still continue as a classical business.

- This is not very optimistic! Normally, we would have to trust each other, and the Divine Providence...

- You are absolutely right. Besides it is, if we want so, only paperwork, a fictitious contract, a legal form for the sirs, of no importance between us as long as we are in harmony together. The only trouble is that Frédérique was also speaking about trusting in Providence! You saw how it turned out! I thought he was more accomplished than I was... But to make me deviate from the path now, you would have to resort to extreme means!»


As soon as it is said, as soon it is done... Gérard leads the negotiations drum rolling, brings together interested members (who all together brought little more than Brigitte alone, but let us not to speak of that) and everything is ready for the first season.

He could not resist choosing a good big tractor with a roll bar. And, the very day of the delivery, he plants a huge straw hat on his head, that he got who knows where, and he goes off voluptuously smashing the old lands of Peyreblanque, where no ploughshare had passed since the war. Although he never learned, he handles his machine with dexterity, even covering the engine with his song, as if he had done nothing else in his life, pulling up the stumps, crushing the brambles which had taunted him for all those years of misery.

Yolande and Anita, for their part, run in front of the tractor, to spot the hares or bird's nests and allow their occupants to flee away. The children admire their father from the side of the road, unless they can be seen, radiant, riding a moment next to him on the roaring and vibrating machine.

One morning early, as Gerard goes to the garage, one can hear him shouting his head off. Brigitte rushes in, to see... «Who did that?» Brigitte can't stop giggling, while Hélène and Simone laugh frankly: during the night, they repainted the tractor in mauve! Gerard pretends to beat them, then laughs in his turn with a big heart: «It is true that this red and bright green machine was clashing, what an unpleasant vibration. It is much better that way. Now all we have to do is fix the exhaust pipe, so it does not make such a din, and we almost have a New-Age tractor."


Two weeks and three plowshare points later, the main fields near the road were ploughed, ready to be seeded, green fertilizer to start. It would indeed be risky to expect a real harvest from this land full of bramble or quackgrass roots. Gérard spreads manure, rock powders for the trace elements, and more than forty tons of limestone to correct the acidity. It is not true that organic farming only is about spreading manure: it is expensive these days! And it requires animal husbandry... And when it comes to nitrates in the springs, it is not much better than chemistry. Green manure is a much better deal, especially since some varieties choke the quackgrass. Gérard sowed vetch, green or red clover, buckwheat, depending on the location, thus renewing the traditional use of these fields, and finally alfalfa, and other leguminous grasses which enrich the soil with nitrogen. All this promised to make a beautiful multicoloured patchwork, especially since Gerard works in curved lines instead of straight.

Rather than simply adding elements to the soil, according to the traditional materialistic approach, the modern approach of organic farming seeks instead to restore its vitality and fertility. It is a question of rebalancing, harmonizing, and above all vitalizing, to allow the abundance of underground life to accomplish the marvellous transmutations of which it has the secret. Such a living soil can, much better than the sterile sand of classical fields, supply itself with what it needs and produce for a long time, a lot, as long as it is maintained, as long as it is not robbed... (Author's note: this was written in 1989. These were already well-known facts at that time. People called this soil microbiology, but it was since forgotten by the commercial organic production. But today 2020, the idea is coming back, under the name of regenerative farming).

As it is often the case, the fields of Peyreblanque occupy the alluvial flat at the bottom of the valley, and the farmhouse had naturally grown at the meeting point of the cultivated area and the spring, just above the clear rocks which were used as a quarry. Thus the walls and the landscape are in perfect harmony. Higher up on the slopes were the pastures for the cows, today almost completely reclaimed by a vigorous beech forest. Even the modern road had been built into this thousands-years-old arrangement between the farmhouse and the fields, in place of the old mule track. Only the EDF poles are visible (EDF was by the time the legally exclusive electricity provider, highly detested for relying mainly on nuclear plants). But as Gérard said when he arrived: «The day when we will have solar electricity, their poles, they will be able to cut them in point and put them in...» In fact, today (2020), Gerard was able to switch his electricity supply to a green utility. And he plans to install photovoltaic panels. But EDF has gone before: the poles no longer belong to them. (The monopoly has been broken, to allow for «competition», with a separate entity for transportation. But this in fact allowed for green electricity producers to operate).



The re-cultivation of Peyreblanque arose a great interest in the village. Farm workers, neighbours, the mayor and even hunters came to see, say hello, comment. The hunter also became more discreet, less invasive. Well, two or three, not all of them unfortunately.

«It reminds me of the old days, it's a pleasure! I remember, there too, it was cultivated, buckwheat as they used to say, and up there it was the cows that were put in it. Where you put the boiler there were also oxen, two pairs, you realize, it was a big mas!

- At least the estate developers won't be able to piss you off.

- At least you exist now. We can see what you are doing. Yoga is for the spirit, that's good, but it had to be connected to something of the earth, wisely said an old peasant who however never connected to things of the spirit.

- Ah, and Mrs. Brigitte, so she can stay in the country, at least.

- Mr. Gerard, it suits you well, we would really think you are in the business! This proves that high education leads to everything. Ha ha ha ha!

- And with the bit that Mrs Brigitte wants to buy back from the Belgians, and join to the company, you will have enough surface to officially put yourself as a bird sanctuary. Well, to each his own, and it's better for young people to protect nature than to show off on a motorbike.»



What comes next, reader friends? This story seems somewhat unfinished... It is that here we are at the moment I am finishing writing this book, in February 1990. Brigitte works in Peyreblanque, at the vegetable gardening, discovers pruning the trees, the species of fruits or vegetables a little forgotten but so good. A discreet life, without adventures nor feats, just a little more nostalgia as must also feel her distant companions, the Eolis, whom she will infallibly join one day...

Brigitte is now free. That by our choices and actions we make this world too bad, and we shall simply never hear from her again. She will be like a beautiful dream to us, unfinished and impalpable. We shall not even know that she became Aurora again, and that she is once again enjoying a peaceful happiness in her sweet garden of Aeoliah, with her companion Nellio and all her friends. Her only regret would be that we refused to enjoy such a Happiness too. But if we open ourselves to more Wisdom, then Brigitte, like many others, is ready to share our grey life for a while longer, so that it becomes more colourful.

But let us not wait too long: no one can force her to stay. The presence on Earth of a liberated being is a favour he grants to us. He has so many more exciting things to live for, elsewhere in the normal universe! And if this Light Being leaves, like so many others, it is most likely forever. Let us take profit of her wisdom while she is here. In a few years undoubtedly new events (Political? Or spiritual?) will come to give a new dimension to discrete places like Peyreblanque. Brigitte's gift to us Humanity is allowing for some wonderful fruits to ripe. Let us wait for more...

* * *

Author's notes: today years 2020

Added in October 2019: Around 2005, the Soul Gardeners of Aéoliah began to reduce the abduction of Human souls to Aéoliah, and they hardly do it anymore today. The reason for this is the accelerated evolution of Earth. For abduction candidates, indeed Earth has become a fantastic opportunity, and even a better choice than Aeoliah, for their evolution. For other Earthlings, they need the invaluable example of the most conscious and advanced beings, so the Soul Gardeners do not want to frustrate them. This situation does not, however, reduce the Soul Gardeners to inaction, but rather opens up new possibilities which they have been quick to use. And, of course, care has been taken to ensure that the gateway to the Planetary Logos is not closed.


Rereading in 2020 this story written in 1989, hoping to finally be able to publish it, I note that Brigitte's mission with Yanathor worked quite well: far fewer dictatorships, fewer wars, less racism, less sexism and discrimination, more ecology, more vegetarianism, more spirituality. Above all, there has been a steady decline in crime and population overgrowth in the world, two very sure indicators of spiritual progress, independent of political vicissitudes.


There are, of course, some drawbacks. The biggest one is the generation whose brains have been damaged by the tetraethyl lead in motor gasoline. Indeed, scientific studies have shown that leaded children not only have lower IQs, but also they have more personality disorders such as aggressivity. Cars became widespread in the late 1950s, along with the atrocious fashion of frustrating babies from their mothers' breasts, in order to prevent them from developing their affectivity. And logically this generation produced the grotty-punk movement in the 1980', in reaction to the positive movements of the 1960s and 1970s. Then, as this generation aged, it is now producing the revival of the far right (which is essentially a movement of old people, frustrated of no more finding their dualistic reference points in today's world of rapid human and spiritual progress). The ban on tetraethyl lead around 2000 finally stopped feeding this sacrificed generation, which today is sliding into old age. This explains why, as I expected, we are back with the idealistic youth: the vegan and anti-speciesist movements, anti-discrimination movements, the mass ecological awareness, a wonderful generation who is finally acting for the climate, sweeping away the laziness and cowardice of the shady politicians with brains rotten with lead, money and organophosphorus pesticides.

However, the lead generation model does not explain everything: there has been steady progress since the smelly punk wave of the 1980s, throughout the 1990s, 2000s, 2010. Even a country like Algeria, which did not banned tetraethyl lead before 2020, has seen a decline in violence since the terrible events of the 1990s. There therefore is clearly something else at work: a general spiritual progress of Humanity. And this affects everybody, lead or not.


The second nuance is that Tibetan Buddhism or Zen has become more popular than Peyreblanque's Hindu Yoga. There are reasons for this, as this path is closer to the Western scientific mind. But this means that Peyreblanque's Yoga finally receives fewer seminars, and Yanathor's predictions in Chapter 21 have not come true. At least not in the visible world. However, Peyreblanque remains active in organic farming and other local activities. No doubt the magnificent temple is also used for private meditation meetings, to continue Yanathor's work. But this is done discreetly, so that no one can disrupt this work.


Brigitte is also still there, but rarely showing in public. With the age of the first white hairs, she ended up dressing in white too, which now makes her look like the wonderful Chanterelle Del Vasto. Her small country house is still isolated and quiet, but connected to the world Internet by a satellite dish: Brigitte is very active in virtual worlds. Of course she never saw Yanathor again, but sometimes she feels the scent of Auraliah, or the soft white light of Milareva, or she finds messages from Nellio on her table. No Aeolian fruits, toxic to us. Just Eoli stars and hearts in pencil on paper. It does not prove anything to the others, but it is an invaluable support to her, in moments of doubts where she wonders if all this would had just been an illusion.


Yanathor and Brigitte's work finally gave much better results than expected, although some things went differently. But in the end it was up to Mankind to choose its path. It is too bad that I was forbidden from publishing this book when I finished writing it in 1990, because then everyone would have seen the story of the book continue in reality. But there is the legal deposit I was able to make in 1999 or something (Even there, I had to juggle between arbitrary refusals, definitely this book irritates anti-lifers).


You too can be part of this exciting adventure, by giving the example of a better life, or through your meditations. Other accesses to the planetary Logos have even been opened since, such as the practice of Kalachakra. The matter is therefore in your hands.

Are these extraordinary metamorphoses complete? I do not think so, and we can already discern the beginnings of the next stage. Indeed, the elimination of the old Marxist antagonism between the «good revolution» and the «rotten society» creates a non-duality between progress and stable functioning of society. It must be realized that this is an entirely new situation, which radically changes the way in which we work for a better society: non-conflict, non-violence, non-separation between «us» and «them». But this also has an immediate consequence: the world, its governments, its institutions, its companies, its courts, its police, its media, must now be run by psychologically normal people. We can no longer afford to see crooks, racists, stubborn, ignorant holding back decisions vital to our present or mortgaging our future. Such a requirement will become more and more compelling, and the last dictatorships of spiritual backwardness may soon come to an end. I even have a name and a date in my head: Shanghai and ChongKing, 2040s (See my novel «Why Daddy he not comes»). A good piece of advice from Yanathor, therefore, to all the idiots and bad wills who are still trying to bully this world: resign. Make way for serious and educated people.

I myself have learned a lot in the thirty years that this manuscript has been languishing under censorship. For those who would like to participate in this movement, please note that Kalachakra, the world Guide, also has a feminine aspect: Vishvamata, mother of the world. You can of course meditate other divine pairs, such as Jesus and Mary, or Muhammad and Aisha, or Shiva and Parvati, and so on. But know that the non-duality between the compassionate understanding of the Mother of Humans and the wise authority of their Guide forms an extremely sharp and effective tool.







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