Stranded on Earth       

Stranded on Earth


Evoked vibration: *** very nice; * pleasant; ⚠ not worth; ⚠⚠⚠ shocking. (⚠ is presented for illustration or reflection purposes. These parts are indicated in the text with the sign ⚠. One can skip them without loosing understanding of the whole story).

Chapter 1: Brigitte.

A young lady took birth and grew in a random modern french town. She has definite desires and projects, but it is very hard to find how to realize them, yet alone to explain them, in this strange 20th century on Earth...

Chapter 2: Brigitte and the Universe.

*During a stay in the country, in her grandmother's house, Brigitte can discover nature, and also find herlself, in a powerful consciousness taking. This is how she forms a definite project, encouraged by some unexplainable clues. But she also realises the difficulty of her task...

Chapter 3: Searches and illusions.

Brigitte shares the lives and ideals of the university students. But she soon uncovers how the «youth ideals» can be corrupted, and the difficulty of meeting sincere people.

Chapter 4: Brigitte turns green...

Her previous connexion with the «youth milieu» owes Brigitte a very unpleasant experience. Yet in the case she receives very unexpected helps, inducing her to understand the Middle Way. *Later she finds out an ecology group nearby, and meet people who are really starting a better life!

Chapter 5: ...Then to purple.

Ecology is good, beautiful, organic and all... Brigitte cannot imagine better than living in nature, in friends communities. However, even here she notices seeds of problems... and again strange clues pushing her still a step further, toward spirituality.

Chapter 6: Inner fight.

Brigitte is now finding blunders and contradictions among the ecologists too. Worse, she fails in her studies, which anyway are not much making any sense now. She has to accept a bad job to be able to live and pay for her room. With all these problems, she feels so bad that she envision suicide... But just as she makes a first gesture in this direction, an unknown man stops her, and gives her a strange book...

Chapter 7: A new journey

Many things are unravelled in Brigitte's mind:

At first, the discovery of the NDE eliminates the fear of death and the rejection od spirituality.

She also learns not to torture herself with expectations and frustrations.

At last she understands how simple people can be manipulated, or their ideals distorted.

Her enthusiasm toward spirituality drives her with her friends in Peyreblanque, where she encounters the seducive Frédérique...

Chapter 8: * The Cosmic Guardian *

*** On the wonderful Aeoliah planet, the Cosmic Guardians are back in the village! Yanathor is bringing news of Aurora, and how she could finally meet with the evil soul which brought her so low.

But he also hints at some fantastic project to help Earth, and how Aurora would be a priviledged tool for this...

Chapter 9: Test time.

Brigitte explores the spiritual life with her friends.

Chapter 10: Reflexions.

Various reflexions on morals, non-Aristotelian logic and spirituality. But Frédérique is unable to follow her, necessarily. She starts feeling a bit left over besides him.

Brigitte has a first astral experience with a checked ESP. But what she finds is... annoying.

Chapter 11: * The Eolis get to it *

Yanathor further unveils his plan to the Eolis: with a complex intervention, involving the whole village, and centred on Aurora, they will be able to perform a kind of theatre considerably helping Earth in its evolution.

Chapter 12: Unhook the brake wagon!.

The relationship between Brigitte and Frédérique turns to the spiritual fight, where she must understand all the manipulation methods of the fake masters of the false New Age and cults. She finally wins in the spiritual plane, with accepting her defeat on the plane of their relation.

Chapter 13: * Sweet preparations *

As a first training for the reintegration of Aurora, the Eolis of the village are invited in a Guardian's spaceship... They explore space, and also Aeoliah.

Nellio is healed, and the whole village has a large fest...

Chapter 14: The Providence.

Brigitte discovers with stupefaction an entirely new life, between the posthumous revelations of her GrandMother and here inheritance, which allow her to concecrate her full time to meditation.

More strange phenomenon, more and more insisting...

Chapter 15: * Encounter *

Yanathor organises a first encounter with Brigitte Aurora.

Chapter 16: Return to Peyreblanque

* The life at Peyreblanque, and the spiritual training to become a better person.

Chapter 17: The life in Peyreblanque

* The life at Peyreblanque, and the yoga sessions.

* True Economy and General Epistemology.

Chapter 18: The City of the Stars

In a kind of feast, the Eolis discover the psychical cosmique ship of the Guardians, where will take place the reintegration of Aurora

Chapter 19: * Soaring *

Preliminary encounters are organised in Brigitte's home. Of course it is a wonderful experience, and She is starting to feel the world hearing at her, without yet understanding why.

Chapter 20: * Reparation *

The incredible experiment is at last taking place: for three days Brigitte-Aurora and the Eolis live in the Guardian's spaceships, with visions of Aeoliah and of space. But also, Brigitte feels the collective consciousness of the Earthlings receiving numerous spiritual, scientific or political teachings evoked during these three days.

Chapter 21: Boddhisattva.

Brigitte Aurora is finally presented with her Eoli body, ready to be worn again. This is of course a fantastic and very troubling experience for her, but she finally decides to stay on Earth for the time here Human body can bear her.

Chapter 22: Epilogue

What happens of Brigitte's brother, Arnaud and Gunniverre, Frédérique and Martine, Peyreblanque.

Some remarks on the evolution of mankind, since this story until the present time.







Stranded on Earth       


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