Stranded on Earth       

Stranded on Earth

Novel by Richard Trigaux

Introducing the novel

This novel is the continuation of the first novel «The Gardens of Aeoliah», which took place on the wonderful paradise planet of the Eolis. We shall know what became of Aurora, Nellio's love. Of course she will come back on Aeoliah, although with still a slight delay...

However this second novel is very different of the first: it will take place on Earth, in our «real» world, in the 1980 years. The reason I did this way is as follow: it is certainly excellent to visualise a project of a better world. But we must also learn to implement our project in the existing world.

And especially we cannot oppose the two aspects: while dream is the compass which leads our ship, pragmatism is the wind pushing it. Opposing the two aspects can lead nowhere. Let us be the captain of ourself, keeping our attentive eye on the compass of our ideal, while keeping our hand firm on the rudder of our life. This is how we can arrive somewhere.

And beware of Charybdis and Scylla as well: disconnected dream or crass «realism».


Have a good reading!







Stranded on Earth       


Scenario, graphics, sounds, colours, realization: Richard Trigaux.

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