The gardens of Aeoliah       



Evoked vibration: *** very nice; * pleasant; ⚠ not worth; ⚠⚠⚠ shocking. (⚠ is presented for illustration or reflection purposes. These parts are indicated in the text with the sign ⚠. One can skip them without loosing understanding of the whole story).

Chapter 1: Prelude.

* Mystery in space...

Chapter 2: The happy Aeoliah.

Discovering a paradise planet. *** Life, a peaceful day in nature or looking at the stars.

Chapter 3: Aurora and Nellio's love.

The story of the incarnation of two beings onto their paradise planet.

*** A happy life for two young children, their discovery of activity, of others, of nature, of love...

School and education. Activity, social recognition of two beings into their society.

Chapter 4: A village in infinite space.

Daily life on Aeoliah.

*** Activity, joy, life in nature, night under the stars.

Communication and decision making in group, communion with nature.

Chapter 5: Anthelm and Elnadjine.

The new Eolis begin to get interested in the world, beyond their village, and discover strange and enthralling things...

*** or * Nature, but more varied.

Death and departure toward another life.

Chapter 6: The secrets of the scrolls.

The formation of the Aeoliah planet, after the Eoli's school.

*Formation of the planets. Apparition of life and civilizations. Evolution of civilizations, of planets, of life, ecology. Interplanetary communication.

Chapter 7: Algenio's recollections.

Algenio recovers strange remembering of a past life.

* or ⚠ Contrast between the paradisiacal Aeoliah and the ancient planet of Algenio.

Chapter 8: The mysteries of the scrolls.

A very gossip Eoli couple comes to excite the curiosity of the new Eolis, about a great wisdom school.

*** Nature in the village and that more ethereal and pink in the wisdom school of Irizdar.

Chapter 9: Soul first aid 1.

*, ⚠ sometimes ⚠⚠⚠. The Eolis begin the soul first aid on Earth, in astral voyage. Their first forwarding confronts these pure beings to barbarism. It is successful, but tarnished by the accident of Aurora. Her body is taken by the Cosmic Guards, while her soul must start a reparation cycle on Earth.

Chapter 10: Anthelm at Irizdar.

The new Eolis visit the wisdom school of Irizdar, rich in surprises.

*** or * Imposing nature, then the warmly coloured world of the school.

Music of nature and cosmic music. Economy: how are supported those who do not produce, and how to be happy while producing.

Spontaneity and respect of others: we are so much happier without gender discrimination nor harassment.

Chapter 11: Soul first aid 2.

The Eolis resume their raids on Earth, in Europe, with varied results. Numerous themes.

Chapter 12: Come with dawn.

Aurora has a first reincarnation on Earth, in a Far East region. A Buddhist sage helps her, but she is exposed to prejudices from her family. * Nature. Spiritual work on oneself. Poetry. Vibration. Happiness in work.

Chapter 13: Soul first aid 3.

*** or * Time passed by on the village of the Eolis. Soul first aid now works fine.

Chapter 14: Nasachto and Inelounia's atoll.

The new Eolis visit an idyllic island on Aeoliah...

*** and *** and ***... nature, ocean, atolls, exotic races... Poetical love life of the Eolis, versus pornography and prudishness.

Chapter 15: Life in a castle...

Aurora has to endure an incarnation in plain Middle Age...⚠ with ⚠⚠⚠ passages, and anyway some rays of sunshine *...Spiritual work on oneself in adverse conditions. Mind control and influence.

Chapter 16: Go, new born island...

Other Eolis start to poetize a new born island. *** Ocean, atolls, imposing volcano eruption which even not hurts a fly. The creation of the egregore and of the ecosystem of the island. Poetical «life rituals» of community life. The «Devas» or place spirits.

Chapter 17: Vertao.

The soul first aid turns more personal.

Chapter 18: Lioureline.

The Lioureline's island has developed its ecosystem and its mood. *** or * nature, stars, rocks... Poetry (everywhere). Vision of the colours, vibration and art (impressionism) «Devas» or places spirits.

Chapter 19: Summary, until nowadays.

Lioureline's islands complete its unfolding.

*** or * nature, stars, rocks...

Poetry, fairy. Death and becoming. Evolution of Earth...







The gardens of Aeoliah       


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