The gardens of Aeoliah       


Novel by Richard Trigaux


The purpose of these novels is to give to the reader a strong desire to share the happiness of the characters, and a desire to work to see this happiness shared by other inhabitants of Earth.

To achieve this, they describe a view of an ideal society, to show its ambience, its poetry, harmony, peace. However a view, as ideal as it can be, is not very useful, if we do not ask the question: How can it work in reality? To answer this question needs to introduce and illustrate some social, economical or philosophical views, in an intuitive way understandable by everybody. I since developed them in other books «The True Economy» and «General Epistemology». But feeling the vibrations and longing for them is better done with a nice story than into a purely analytical description!

My wish is that the readers use these ideas and desires into their personal live and society.


The world of the Eolis is luminous, simple, peaceful and merry, poetical and funny, filled with thousand of pleasures of nature and life. It is however profound, from the moving spiritual destiny of the Eolis. It somewhat differs of our earthy world (no technology, long life, Eolis with wings...) but it works with the same laws of happiness than on Earth. So we are completely free to imitate it, for our limitless happiness. Without losing the immense treasure of genuine culture we already created on our own world.

This novel can also awake the desire to take birth into such a paradise world, or to obtain enough spiritual unfolding to get able in turn to help our human brothers to free themselves of their limitative mind conditioning, and to obtain access to the real and stable happiness everyone deserves.


The basic frame of a novel (putting a situation on stage, unfolding of a mystery, and break) was purposely pushed in the background, for a series of various colourful scenes, in order to inspire everybody, in a frame which, like in real life, is a continuous series of situations in an infinite chaining.


When I wrote these two novels, between 1988 and 1990, we were in the height of the New Age, the most influential though system of these years. However this movement was still relying on outdated concepts of the Spiritism movement, or from a distorted and fanciful Buddhism (Blavatsky, Lobsang Rampa and others). But removing all the New Age vocabulary and ideas would remove the freshness of the original text. So I modified only what was misleading, such as the «etheric» (science and spiritism of the 19th century) and of the «astral» (astrology and spiritualism of the 20th century). For the remainder, take it as some genuine historical testimony of an important movement which deeply influenced so many things, without the grey politicians and media even noticed.

Further, in this time I used this book to convey some views on science, physics, astronomy, logic, epistemology, economy, society life. I added nothing since in these novels, therefore I claim anteriority for these ideas in these dates. I since matured these views a lot, and gathered them in my book «General Epistemology» (version 1 in 2000, and a new version 2 entirely in the process of rewriting in 2015). So that they are no more needed in the Eolis stories. Similarly, I did not removed the concerned passages, but I shortened them a lot, and corrected some mistakes, while adding links to the «General Epistemology» book for anybody interested.


Of course I shall not be able to involve into all the social experiments inspirited by the novel, in order to bring its view into concrete facts. This is a great work which is however a part of all the initiatives towards a better world. But I shall agree with any proposal matching my personal projects. I wish to be informed of any activity directly inspirited by the novel or by the world of the Eolis, or of any inspiration or success, personal or collective.



By lack of editor to normally publish these poetical views, this novel, written in 1990, and slightly reworked since, was published on the Internet, for free, in 1998, on my site:

Copyright Richard Trigaux 1998. French Dépôt légal May 1998.

(Please do not confuse the planet name Aeoliah, which belongs to the world of the Eolis, with the name Aeoliah of the Californian painter and music composer).

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Except proven precedence, the author claims for the paternity on all new ideas (philosophical, epistemological or logical, metaphysical, biological or physical) contained in this book, and their precedence since 1990.







The gardens of Aeoliah       


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