Stranded on Earth        Chapter 20       

Chapter 20

* Reparation *

Brigitte-Aurora wakes up, probably around midnight. Her little room is filled with a soft blue light, coming in through the window. A sweet unknown perfume accompanies it, and, far away, perhaps a dream, barely audible, a strange and beautiful music.

Still drowsy, she gets up and leans out of her window. Instead of the usual nocturnal landscape, she finds a kind of oval corridor, with perfectly smooth and matt walls radiating this beautiful light. At the end, a purple door closes this airlock, with, just above it, an equally blue half-sphere hanging from the ceiling.

Without thinking, Brigitte-Aurora straddles the window sill, stepping into the strange corridor, mechanically noticing that she is walking three metres above her lawn. Without looking back, she comes up against the end door, which refuses to open. This material offers her hand a soft resistance, like a large bundle of foam, without her feeling any contact on her skin.

In total serenity, she then notices that the door she entered through (her window) has closed silently. On this side it is beige.

Prisoner in this narrow compartment, she remains thus without any thought or feeling, in perfect mental emptiness. In addition, there is a delicious, unimaginable silence here, she cannot even hear herself breathe.

Then she wakes up completely, and she wonders what this strange confinement means.

The globe above her head is now glowing white and Brigitte-Aurora's eardrums tighten unpleasantly. Probably an adaptation of atmospheric pressure, she thinks, which explains her isolation in this corridor.

This lasts a good quarter of an hour, without anything else happening. She leans against the soft purple door, which suddenly disappears beneath her.

She is now in a second circular room, also blue, furnished with a few seats and other objects of which she cannot guess the use. A third blue door continues further on, lit from behind by a bright, warm sun which radiates into the room. On the sides two other doors are also waiting, closed.

Yanathor is there, smiling at her, still simple in his blue-indigo tracksuit.

«Ah! Yanathor!...

- Good evening, Aurora. As you can see, I kept my promise. Here we are, together again. You doubted, didn't you?

- Well, it is just that... Sighs Brigitte.

- It is normal, there are so many traps and illusions on this Earth. Are you happy to be back home?

- To my home? Oh, yes, of course, I...

- Here, look, we even got something for you to wear. Take off that sweater and look at this.»

He grabs a blue indigo tunic from one of the closets, cut in the eoline style, but in Brigitte's size. «Oh, this is nice! Is this for me? There even is the big hat! Please give it quickly, Yanathor! Just a pity I am blonde, otherwise I would be just like Aurora!

- Ah ah ah! You don&'t have the same face! But your friends who came to see you still recognized you, the same dancing gestures, the same singing voice... Same glance... But this time you shall not embroider a big heart which hides the star of Wisdom! I am keen on this, right tonight you shall embroider yourself on this tunic the insignia of Aeoliah, a heart of flesh placed on a star of Light...

«Earlier, in the airlock, the white sphere on the ceiling made you undergo a treatment, like being dressed in a kind of invisible suit, because if Aéoliah's air resembles the one of the Earth, you still have to stop the microbes, translate the words and even the perfumes, which chemical supports are different.

- This is done, Yana, I'm ready, look.

- Perfect, you look great! Sit down here, sit down and meditate: I'm just asking you one thing. Do you feel as if there are people around you?

- Yes, it feels like... How strange! I have been feeling this for several days... It is as if I was on the stand of an amphitheatre... There are a lot of people there, as if to watch what I am going to do... There are celebrities and humble people, thinkers and kids from the slums, Whites, Blacks, Arabs, Hindus, Chinese... They all are there, together, peacefully, looking at me, getting ready to take notes, to record... It is an allegory, I think, but what does it mean?

- This is perfect, everything is ready. Listen: as for now, don't think about them. They don't really see you, it is, as you said, an allegory, not real people with a consciousness. So be yourself, live your life the way you want, marvel without any embarrassment. I am going to open the door to the Eolis compartment. Are you ready?»

After a slight hesitation, Brigitte, confident in Yanathor, utters:

«Yes, I am ready.

- Okay, then let's go.»

Without Yanathor making a move, the blue door opens into another room, also circular, but smaller. Brigitte-Aurora walks in, dazzled by the warmth and clarity of the room.

Contrary to what she saw until now in the ships, this place seems to be built of stone. There is a bed with sheets smelling like canvas. The light comes in through two egg-shaped windows, which frame a door just closed by a curtain. From there she discovers the most charming of landscapes, the one that Ozoard composed with his imagination for the Eolis during the trip, all covered with flowers, all embalmed, with plenty of rocks and so cute little Eolis houses. On the vast lawn of moss, the Eolis play together, simply flutter, meditate near the pond, or kiss in the trees. They have invited a flock of birds, frogs and ducks, caterpillars and slugs, and all are laughing, singing, chirping. Since Eolis are fundamentally incapable of remaining inactive, some are already working with the birds to make nests, or in the pond with the frogs to build small palm-powered boats. Others have cotton, sewing, carpentry, and the joyful tap-tap of the gouges rhythms with the melody of the songs.

The appearance of Brigitte-Aurora at the window provokes a real ovation. In no time, the crowd of the Eolis converges on her. Yanathor did not followed her, leaving this moment entirely to her alone. The blue door closed. Brigitte-Aurora put a hand on the window sill, a bit distraught. Ah, if on Earth they could see her clothed that way, in the company of those tiny creatures who acclaim her by her new name: «Aurora! Aurora!» forming a circle in the moss, four meters before the door!

Intimidated as only an Eoline can be, Brigitte-Aurora feels immediately attracted, driven by the wonderful sympathy which emanates from this adorable little crowd. «I did not imagined that there would be so many of you! How many are you?» Then she walks through the door, embarrassed by her huge hat, which gets caught in the curtain and drops to the floor. «Oh!»

The immense burst of laughter raised by this incident, far from hurting her, communicates an intense and serene energy to Brigitte-Aurora, who laughs in turn. Smiling, she sits down in the soft foam, and the Eolis are closing on her. Immediately she notices one of them... Nothing distinguishes him from the others, a discreet one, with short brown hair, dressed like her in indigo.

Suddenly the crowd is silent, respectful of the feelings of these two who find themselves again after twelve centuries of doubt and anguish, still separated by this strangeness: She is in an immense body which he does not know, she has apparently kept no memory of her past union with him. And yet she recognizes him.

«So you are... my lover?

- Yes, my great love!»

This involuntary play on words triggers the laughter of the Eolis, which quickly fall silent, so rich and intense is the moment!

- And your name is...

- Nellio...

- It is so beautiful... A humble small elf who dances and dances and who activates into discreet wonders... I have never seen you with my own eyes, and yet... I recognize you. Many times I have seen you, in my childhood dreams... Lost in the strange sleeping boxes of Earth, I was a happy little girl, and yet something was missing... Like a portrait without a face, a rosebush without a flower, a nest without birds... So I dreamed that one day a Prince Charming would come and take me away, to a warm and true, joyful and colourful country... And here we are!

- Not quite yet, my love, this is the ship of the Cosmic Guardians. In our home it is... even more beautiful. And we have a lot more fun with all the works.

- Will you, friend Nellio... come into my hands?

- Oh yes, he says, coming flying faster than his word.

Brigitte-Aurora fastens her elbows on her chest, and she brings her two hands and their precious contents to the height of her face. Their eyes meet.

«How... How did it happen? I don't remember anything.

- It is, uh... it is... says Nellio, with tears in his eyes, it was a mistake... You were happy with us, but you wanted to help, as we were already doing, you wanted to help the people of Earth... But you were not prepared, you did not knew... So you fell into a trap, and you stayed there, trapped by an evil soul... For twelve centuries.

- Twelve centuries? Says Brigitte-Aurora, incredulous.

- Yes, twelve centuries. All the time I have been waiting for you.

- Ah! Such fidelity! I... I'm... I've...

- It is that... We loved each other for much longer than that. We always loved each other. I remember, long before we became Eolis, we lived in a world of pure feeling. But you probably don't remember that either. This body that you occupy now only has memories of what it saw itself.

«Yes, you have fallen into the trap of a soul in evil, he has taken you with him, and you had to be her companion to finish severing all your ties with him.

- His companion? You mean it was... Frederique?»

Liouna answers: «Yes, it is him. Everything you lived with him in this life was part of your path to liberation. In fact, you did well. It is a great joy, because now you can come back with us.»

Nellio continues: «Of course this body does not look like the one you had when we lived together, but I also recognize you... The way you sit, the way you gaze, the music in your voice... Everything speaks to me of Aurora that I knew in Eoline. Only the shape has changed.

- But, friend Nellio, how... How are we going to live together? You are so small!

- No, it is you who are the big one, my little cutie.

- Oh, my...

- Don't worry about that, Yanathor will fix everything. Yanathor is somebody special, you know.

- And how is he going to do this? Is he going to make me smaller?

- I... He will tell you.

- So, you invite me to come live on your planet...

- We invite you to return to your planet.

- ...

- You never were from Earth. Your presence on this dark planet was an accident. You are from the harmonious Aeoliah.

- Ah! So this is why my destiny was so different from that of other Earthlings!

- No, not really. All this time, you have been subject to the same laws as other Earthlings. Hence limitations which seemed unfair to you.

- But everything was destined for another end. And I myself understood things that are inaccessible to other humans...

- Nothing is inaccessible to any human being, not even the worse. It is just a matter of a mask to take off, or a chatter to interrupt. In your case, it was only easier for you, since you had this knowledge before. It was your only advantage over the other humans on Earth. But everyone has to understand this: everything you did, basically they can do it too», he said, pointing at the presences that Brigitte already noticed.

Nellio, flying away again, comes to nest... In Brigitte-Aurora's neck, where he will now spend a good part of his time, clinging to a lock of hair. She hesitates to move, for fear of hurting him... But he is safe. For a long time, they remain like that, in silence...

Then, seeing another Eoli coming very close to her: «You, I recognize you, you were the other evening in my sanctuary.

- This is right, I was. My name is Anthelme. We were very good friends. This is Elnadjine, whom you also knew, we all are childhood friends.

- Ah! Childhood friends... I don't have any memory of it, and yet you look familiar to me... It must be said that Elnadjine, with her hair, you can easily recognize her!

- Ooooh!

- Aaaah!

- Ooooh, Love games again, excuse me, I didn't knew that. But you have a lot of them, and it starts at once. And then, my friend Nellio, he, he's got... ...nice little hairs!

- Aurora playing a love game! look!

- Oyooo-oh! Oyooo-oh! Aurora loves Nellio!

- Here we go again!»

Nellio answers nothing, content to contemplate his beloved with the troubling intensity of his big dark eyes. The shivering crowd of the Eolis respects the silence for these souls who have been separated for so long and who finally find each other again...

The Eolis, usually so quick to be moved and to say it, have a kind of delicacy in front of the great joys: they do nothing which may alter the pure and delicious intensity of these privileged moments...




Yanathor appears, followed by his friends. «This is Auranaia, Orgon, Yerda, and Ellebon. They are the ones who helped us on our reparation mission, so that Aurora can find her planet back.»

Brigitte-Aurora contemplates Auranaia, stunned as for the first time by her radiance so pure and so intense, her immaterial appearance. All the six big ones and the two hundred little ones make a kind of big joyful dance, and then Yanathor announces:

«Departure for Aeoliah! Are you ready?

- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

- Brigitte-Aurora, let me explain to you: Time is suspended here, from the moment you entered our ship, until the moment you leave it on Aeoliah, or on Earth, according to your choice. So, in the latter case, there will be no disruption to your life on Earth. We are here outside of universal time.

- Small Eolis! Come on, everybody, it is going to be a great show!» Sing Auranaia, in her beautiful, pure voice. The light is dimming imperceptibly. All are arranged on the lawn, sitting in lotus, Yanathor closer to the center, looking up at the dome ceiling which looks so much like a sky. The Eolis gather together by affinity, making a circle around Brigitte-Aurora, Nellio still on her shoulder, and the other Guardians behind.

To the astonishment of the birds, who no longer know what to chirp, the luminosity decreases, and then this artificial sun disappears completely. It is the turn of the Eolis to exclaim, when their eyes accustomed to the darkness discover the night landscape, through the dome. Brigitte's little house, between the trees, and the neighbouring village, all lit up even at this late hour of the night. In the sky the constellations of the Earth launch their eternal and fascinating call to Happiness. A magical silence reigns, punctuated by the cry of an owl.

Then, as usual without Yanathor or anyone else having made the slightest apparent gesture, the scene moves, or more precisely the ship, but they do not feel the slightest acceleration, exactly as in the movies. The Eolis shudder and whisper, as the view quickly becomes grandiose, over the entire surrounding countryside, illuminated villages, silvery rivers, roads lined with yellow and red fireflies. A night train, small luminous caterpillar, runs into the darkness.

Brigitte-Aurora shivers with emotion. Her planet, so beautiful, so heavy with hope and suffering, in her difficult and uncertain pregnancy of a harmonious and peaceful world. So many souls still asleep, so much happiness to build, so many illusions to dispel!

With every second the view gets bigger and bigger, as the powerful ship gains altitude. There now are cities, networks of illuminated roads, which form a splendid lace of light on a black velvet background, responding to the constellations. The view extends towards Europe, and soon Africa, the Soviet Union, the Nordic countries, as the ship discovers the roundness of the Earth. Towards Arabia and the Sahara shine red flares, and in the far north undulate and quiver sheets of purple auroras. Further south, the bush fires of Africa form a red mesh. Even if these lights, as the Eolis know, are signs of destruction and pollution, they cannot help but exclaim, such is the view.

Brigitte, and no doubt also the Eolis participating in the strange ritual, can once again feel behind her the presence of the attentive hemicycle, which contemplates and assesses the damage, dispassionately but carefully. It seems not to think, not to feel anything else but to be full of good resolutions.

Suddenly, above India and China, the horizon turns pink and becomes a majestic arc of light: the sunrise bursts in a few seconds with a spectacular blaze of successive colours. The ship now circles the Earth, to position itself on the illuminated side: the Far East, Australia, the Pacific.

«How beautiful she is!

- She looks so much like Aeoliah!

- But the clouds make whirlpools and lace, instead of an arc.

- Earth! exclaims Brigitte-Aurora. May your people awaken to true happiness!»

The movement accelerates even faster, the Earth's disc is already shrinking, the Moon's disc is coming with it. Then, as the ship turns to take its course, all the stars in the sky tilt together. The Sun passes through the field, already no longer dazzling. No planets of the solar system are visible any more, only the constellations which appear motionless. Now everything Brigitte Aurora will see is in the realm of the unknown...

It is only after about a minute that the nearest stars slowly move away from the front of the ship. Gradually, other stars come to life, the nearest ones moving to the sides.

Brigitte-Aurora can't help but moan at this prodigious spectacle that very few humans before her had the privilege of contemplating. The Eolis also hold their breath, and even Yanathor and his sailors from the cosmos cannot take their eyes off the suddenly animated, living celestial vault! Already a star is sliding backwards and disappearing. A small nearby star suddenly glows and traces a quick trickle of light, while others, brighter but more distant, drift slowly. Brigitte-Aurora, moved to tears, finally contemplates the sky from another point of view than from her Earthly cradle!

The dome ceiling does not only transmit images to them: each star has its own vibrations, sometimes inunderstandable to human emotions, and they all feel them distinctly. Inhabited stars radiate much strongly than others, sometimes feeling strange and sometimes more familiar, but with rare exceptions dominated by an intense bliss.

Soon it is a shower of stars that the ship passes through, faster and faster. The starlight intensifies and the light from the nebulae becomes visible. Brigitte-Aurora clearly recognizes the Pleiades cluster, with its blue clouds, which now glides past the embers and emeralds of Orion. As they move up Orion's galactic arm, other nebulae and clusters pass in front of them, in a colossal and deep animated enchantment, of which the flat photos of the telescopes give only a very poor idea! As the speed increases, the stars move so fast that only the giants and big Wolf-Rayets of the Galactic Arm can be seen, solemn beacons lost in the fast snow of millions of ordinary stars.

Ah, what a fantastic landscape they have in front of them! But above all, at each oasis of life, what a delicious shock, what a unique revelation, or what a familiar reunion! What a breathtaking alternation of so many different sensations, which exalt each other! And above all, in the immense Cosmos, what an incredible abundance of life, what unimaginable and reassuring diversity! From time to time, a whiff of malodorous greyness, a hole of misfortune splashes over them for an instant, when they come across one of those planets where souls are still locked up in their psychology.

This snow gradually ceases, as they leave the galactic plane. The Milky Way, changing perspective, becomes an oval of light, then a circle, blazing with gold (in the bulb) and blue (in the arms). Then everyone exclaims, how enchanting this vision is! So many Suns, so many planets, so much life, tangible, inspiring, holding in this simple image, but so grandiose and so beautiful! One of the arms extends a little more in the direction of the Magellanic Clouds, small satellite galaxies. The Andromeda Galaxy, with its arms less marked, enters in its turn in the field of vision. This couple of galaxies is also accompanied by a dozen medium or dwarf galaxies in the surrounding area, villages of light and life responding to the two great joyful and clear cosmic cities.

The other galaxies in the background also shine, but in a smaller size; Soon Andromeda and the Milky Way are only two islands among others of a larger archipelago; then, as the movement accelerates again and again, another snow, this time of galaxies, is passing through the dome of the Eolis compartment. The flow of feelings is unified into a pure and serene joy, which, beyond all emotional fluctuations, rises to perfect ecstasy. The space seems to be filled with a deep rolling, low thunder: the gravitational deformations that they are going through at such an enormous velocity.

Then the incredible motion slows down. The astonishing disparity of the universe is particularly striking at this moment: the galaxies, almost totally absent from vast regions, are elsewhere by the thousands, curled up to touch each other, or scattered along large sails, in a loose network, in small groups. The Aeoliah galaxy is in one of these small groups, a few spirals and a crowd of small irregular or circulars orbiting all together around a spherical giant. Which one is the one of Aeoliah? Unless you are used to it for a long time, it would be very difficult to recognize it in these moving perspectives. Let us say it is a beautiful spiral, regular, slightly barred, with a large bulb. Only when the movement of the ship will point at it, we shall be able to know.

In the meantime, everyone contemplates, mute, ecstatic, this fantastic vision of the galaxies growing larger with the approach, glittering with supernovae like fireworks, according to the time strongly accelerated by the rapid movement of the ship. Even the nebulae of the spiral arms palpitate, and the planetary nebulae explode and dissipate like iridescent bubbles, green, orange, red, purple, in a fabulous symphony of colours...

Now the movement slows down and its direction points to the Aeolian galaxy, which swells and eventually occupies the entire field of vision. Little by little, the ship enters the galactic plane, and the different arms act as a series of barriers in front of it. Suddenly, while everything seems almost motionless, individual stars, sparks, breath of fire, rush over the ship at a prodigious speed... Globular clusters drift to the sides, glittering citadels of the cosmos.

The ship crosses the spiral arms perpendicularly, and each encounter sees the senseless shower of stars redoubled, while the pink or golden nebulae half-open their diaphanous veils which spread out to the right and left, inconsistent as dreams. These places of gestation and death of the stars vibrate pathetically, still accompanied with all the variations of ecstasy or jubilation of all the inhabitants of the innumerable planets...

The shower of stars slows down, becomes peaceful in this little corner near the galactic heart where a myriad of yellow, orange and white Suns are swarming. Making its way through this innumerable crowd, warm and joyful in spite of a few grey holes, the ship finally points at one of them which grows, becomes the Sun, while the others stop in the familiar pattern of the whimsical aeolian constellations.

«Aeoliah! It's Aeoliah!» exclaims the Eolis, happy as if they returned to their planet after years of absence, when they left it only two hours earlier.

As the star's radiance swells, becomes glory, joy, light, heat, a blue globe passes by: one of the big outer planets of the Aeolian system. Finally, a crescent emerges from this flow of light: Aeoliah! While the Eolis sing a sweet song of Love for their planet, it grows bigger, revealing its details, the ring, the complex cloud systems, the subtle variations in the hues of the oceans, and of course the entire geography of the continents and myriads of islands: mountains, rivers, forests, countless lakes, some shining in the sun like diamonds set in emerald.

Then, in a moving perspective, the ship begins a long slide over the vast humid forests of the centre of the seventh continent, over the interlacing of rivers which peaceful flow changes direction according to the rain cycle. Soon the horizon turns blue, then the sky. The mountains where our friends live stand in front, with the pink peak to the east of the village in the foreground, which, seen from here, is an impressive mountain.

The ship flies over it, while the vast ranges spread out to the south, to the north. Finally it comes to rest in the landscape we know well, south of the village, leaving the view free to the north, towards Irizdar and the Evening montain.

Brigitte-Aurora, who discovers this splendid vision for the first time, finds no words to describe her amazement. It is similar to the Earth, and at the same time so different. The curvature of the mountains, the dance of the land folds are more poetical, more alive; the rocks, instead of simple piles, build fanciful castles, a bit funny. The incomparably purer colours, vibrate from the bright and luminous greens of the vegetation to the pink, ochre and mauve of the rocks, surmounted by the deep and moving blue of the immaculate sky... But Brigitte-Aurora is too astonished, too enthusiastic to think that she is setting her Earth eyes on another planet for the first time, fascinated as she is by the provocative and serene virginity of these immense forests, these green hilltops, the shady hollows, the festooned meadows sown with small trees. No road, no fence, no embankment can disturb the innocent poetry of the undulating terrain, of the whimsical fantasies of multicoloured trees, of the meadows covered with rainbows of flowers.

The ship gradually decreased its altitude to a few dozen meters, and, amazed, Brigitte-Aurora discovers, as if the dome did not existed, the formidable living Silence of this planet, all populated by the only harmonious sounds of the vibrant nature: light creaks and whispers of the trees gorging themselves with the Sun, melodious calls of the myriads of birds who populate the immense virgin forests... That such unimaginably beautiful and pure places can exist, definitively sheltered from any destructive hand, is a balm on Brigitte-Aurora's heart...

Even the air comes into her nostrils, on her cheeks. She never smelled anything so fragrant, so invigorating, so sparkling, so light... This air seems incomparably more fluid than the one she knows, leaving in her lungs an inexpressible serene and joyful energy, of Freedom, of Health...

«Oh but what a prana» she says, just before realizing that all the eyes are fixed on her, communicating with her delicious surprise, with the fluid and clear energy which spreads languorously in her body and in her soul.

What more can she do, in the face of so much splendour, in the face of so much simple and joyful life, than to stand still, for a long time, turning her head left and right, a tear hesitating at the edge of her eyelid? And the Guardians, and the Eolis who are looking at her silently, fully with her, with her joy, with her wonder! And this little Nellio, still nested against her neck, motionless!

The emotion is so powerful, she needs a gesture, something to express it. Brigitte runs to take refuge in the arms of Auranaïa, but there it is even stronger, the sublime emanation of the galactic fairy amplifies even more the Amazement of Brigitte-Aurora, who weeps for a long time all her Joy. Yanathor comes to join her, then the other Eolis perched on their shoulders... It is a moment of moving tenderness, beyond what words can say, so we shall not try to tell it...



Yanathor ends up whispering, without even covering the joyful trills of the birds: «Aurora has returned to her planet.» Then, a little later, «It also is a great joy for us.

- Ah, it is especially wonderful for me. How beautiful! Think that the Earth could be as beautiful too!

- It already is, somewhere.»

Little by little, the Eolis are picking up their merry mood, fluttering everywhere. Even the knock-knock of a tool returns. Only Aurora's loved ones stay with her, and start telling her about their life on the beautiful planet they see through the dome window. The Cosmic Guardians discreetly withdraw, just Yanathor apologizes that the images they see are from the past, but it can't be otherwise because in the compartment time is stopped.

«Oh, but it is a not fresh past, look, there's still the big mireilher.

- Mireilher? Does it grow Mireilles after that tree?

- No, mirettes. It is a very good little red fruit, like your wild cherries, but we don't eat them often because the mireilhers are rare. This one died more than 1200 years ago. I remember, it was a shiver of Aeoliah which brought it down.

- Ah!

- By that time you were already here in Aurora. Look! There you are!

- It is... is that me?

- Oh yes, it is you. Look, you give a kiss to Nellio. But kisses like that we do to everybody.

- And like this?

- Oh no, not like that. Now it is just between lovers.

- And here, what am I wearing? Looks like... Distaffs!

- Yes, distaffs. More exactly, they're falling threads. When we assemble the weft on the loom, the threads aren't all exactly the same length, so we cut the longest ones. And the bits are used for small seams, or to make fringes. They say it ends up as a distaff.

- And then, oh what a big pumpkin, but... There's a door! Ah! These are your houses!

- Yes, they are our houses.

- Oh, how chou!

- No, not a cabbage, a pumpkin. But why are you laughing?

- Ah ah! I understood, in French we say «chou» to mean that it is very, very cute, that we would eat it.

- No, you cannot eat those pumpkins, they are too hard. In fact, according to your names, they are more like gourds.»

Yanathor reappears, time to throw at Brigitte-Aurora: «Do not forget, little cutie, it is your spacesuit which translates, otherwise you would not understand the Eoli language. But if you make puns, the result can be quite unpredictable!

- I really don't feel like I am wearing a spacesuit! On the contrary, I have never felt so free, in such intimate contact with nature! How can it translate?

- Well, it is like everything else. It synthesizes sounds, just like it does with images. As for the meaning of words, it is in communication with our ship's brain.

- A computer?

- More than that. It is alive.

- Ah! It must be something pretty complicated. You can explain it later to me.

- Although it has nothing to do with your computers or circuits, your electronics people could figure it out easily, if Earth science would just accept the spirit.»

Yanathor, still smiling, slips away and Elnadjine says: «Oh! Look! That was... I remember, it was in the beginning, we were teenagers... Ooooh, how we were that day, we were all falling in love!

- It is on the banks of a stream, a little beach of moss, we all are naked for the bath... There is Nellio, me, and then... Ah you, Elnadjine, we recognize you well with... Uh, hum.

- And the two of us, Algenio and Liouna.

- You remember, but not me. Yet, a kind of nostalgia overwhelms me, at the sight of this image...»

The Eolis respect this feeling, with a long silence. Then Elnadjine explains:

«This body was not there, it does not remember, but your soul lived it.

- Oh, I still do not see how I can live among you without being your size! I always am afraid of stepping on one of you!

- Do not worry, we are warned. There never is any accident on Aeoliah, you see. As for the body, Yanathor will explain. But first, he wants to wait for three days, before he asks you what you are going to do about it.

- Ah! We shall have to see about that.

- And here, look, Aurora, this is the weave.

- Oh, what a chonker of a pumpkin. We don't have pumpkins that big on Earth. And inside... Oh, how pumpkin! A whole weaving mill! Hey! You folks are laughing at this!

- Look who's holding the reed.

- But it is... Ah! It is me again. But it is a whole organization, each one handles a different part of the loom. I recognize you two, there, on the shafts.

- Selina and Selinao. We always are here. Weaving is a joyful dance, to the rhythm of the shuttle. Knock-knock, knock-knock, knock-knock, knock-knock...

- And when it is on another planet, then it is a space shuttle?

- This pun must have been mistranslated, we don't know what it is. Oh, yes, the big rocket. Ah! Ah!

- Hey, even the computer on Yanathor's ship cannot translate the jokes. It must be said that this is an essentially... spiritual realm.»




* * *




It would be far too long (and sometimes difficult) to tell in detail all what Brigitte-Aurora lived during these three days out of time, in the Cosmic Guardian&'s ship; it was three long and wonderful days of intense Happiness, of communion with her Aeolian friends, of reminiscences of distant memories, of sweet emotions of which each of them will keep an tender memory, like the most beautiful moments of their lives...


It was also three days of study and work, because let us remember that Aurora's return could have been done more simply, and above all much earlier: all this organization was in fact for the mission that she had chosen to accomplish without remembering, and which required some sacrifices.

Here too we cannot report everything, it would also be too long, and anyway, the Cosmic Knights did not authorize me to disclose everything in this book! We will therefore only report a few small examples of the many teachings given by the Cosmic Guardians on this occasion. These precious teachings will be publicly disseminated to the Earthlings when the time comes, soon for some, later for others. (Note of the author: Yanathor kept his promises: some already are, when I translate this book in 2021)


«Tell me, Yanathor, did we flew faster than light?

- Yes we did. If we are faster than light, Einstein has no time to see us pass, so there is no objection to continuing. In fact, our ship is nowhere in space, it is as separate of it as a dream, or one of those vector spaces of mathematics. Nothing then prevents us from capturing images from any point in space or time. This is what we do, in order to give the spectacle of a journey. But in fact, to go from Earth to Aeoliah, we definitively have no obligation to cross the space in between. It is safer, by the way, because it is hardly possible to go faster than your snail rockets, without being prettily sure to crash into meteorites or comets as soon as the journey begins. If we are showing you this journey, it is because it is very beautiful, and also because the psyches of the people of the planets are not made to live in this way outside of space and time. I say this for those who are behind you, Brigitte, and who write everything down on their notebooks, so that the scientists of the coming centuries can achieve the Great Unification: the one of physical science and of spirituality. Already they are realizing that matter and space-time are not two separate and independent entities, but that they are the expression of the same single fundamental nature, and they are approaching the moment when they will see that they are only manifestations of the Spirit».

Yanathor then comments on the functioning of cosmic ships, which we have already seen in previous chapters, where he explained it to the Eolis: «These operational egregores of which our ships are made are not our creation. It is something which exists naturally, simply because there are conscious beings in this universe, because the reality of consciousness can be strong enough to override the reality of matter. We have only amplified and tamed it, by the mastery of our mind, by the consistency of our behaviour, by the purity of our thoughts and ideals, which make the egregore reliable and powerful enough to use it. Our vessels and our entire City of the Stars exist only because we think coherently! This phenomenon also occurs on Earth, but since few people have sufficient control of their minds, and few have a correct alignment with the divine plan, then it manifests itself in a wild, uncontrolled, always elusive, sometimes dangerous way. This results in what you call UFOs, elf apparitions, or of the Virgin Mary, etc...

«The content of these manifestations is created in the same way as that of your nocturnal dreams, and it corresponds to certain types of fantasies, preoccupations or archetypes of forms present in humanity. This phenomenon tends to manifest itself naturally when people have their first spiritual opening. But it ceases very quickly, for your mind immediately takes hold of this nascent awakening as new material to continue its inner circus, to make you become a «spiritualist», with nice spiritual opinions, but above all not awakened. As for directing this phenomenon, you need a level of mastery of the mind which logically corresponds to the one where dreams are directed. In other words, you still have work to do, and even the Eolis are not all capable of it.

«At the risk of disappointing some, these UFO and similar phenomena are just projections, a cinema, a kind of temporary physical reality. However, they are not hallucinations, they are a real physical phenomenon which interacts with concrete reality, as you can see from the ground traces, photos, radar echoes, traces or burns on the bodies of the witnesses. As for the images of extraterrestrials, Virgin Mary, elves and others, they also are only temporary manifestations of your ideas about them, but not conscious beings, not real people. Even their messages are only projections of ideas already known, or at least emerging in the collective consciousness.

«As for real extraterrestrials, people physically living on other planets, some Earth thinkers have assumed that they do not manifest on Earth because they would obey a principle of non-interference. This is not too bad a guess, but the exact reality is that they are obeying a principle of non-action, and they logically expect you to respond to them in the same way. So no serious contact can really happen as long as a majority of Earthlings fantasize with violent emotions about extraterrestrials, what they may be and what they could bring to Earth. The elusive and frustrating nature of the few contacts only reflects the elusive and volatile nature of your wisdom. Currently, for the people of space, Earth is an unpleasant place to be around, where they have no interest in coming. They do not even have a «humanitarian motive» or help to give, as, whatever they say or do to help you, it would immediately be distorted and diverted to evil stuff. Worse, in the aura of the Earth it becomes difficult to control the operational egregores of the ships, and we ourselves only go there in secret, taking drastic precautions.

«Clearly, if you want genuine contact with the rest of the universe, you will first have to control your wandering thoughts and whimsical opinions on the subject. And the incredible projections and expectations of the «pro-extraterrestrials» bother us much more than the primary hostility of the «anti-extraterrestrials». And of course, in addition to non-action, such contact can only take place in harmony with life, in coherence with wisdom. Your psychological problems, your «economic imperatives» and your silly conflicts are of no interest to anyone, and yet I remain polite.

«All the same, you must temper what I've just said a little. It can happen that real entities try to manifest themselves using these phenomena of UFOs, contacts, nature spirits. Just as in your dreams, some of these appearances may be real, significant, or may be authentic premonitions. But nothing stable or constructive will result until your mind is sufficiently stable in its wisdom. In the meantime, therefore, it is best not to worry too much about these things. On the other hand, since the dawn of time true spiritual beings have been appearing routinely and regularly to earthlings of sufficient evolution, but this is an intimate thing that takes place in secret, leaving no historical or archaeological trace.

«Know all the same that, on Earth, you are resourceful enough to one day master your spirits, domesticate these forces and build ships like ours, and then a prestigious destiny awaits you. But all this of course only if you agree to free yourself from the evil within you.

- And if we don't?

- Otherwise, in case you attempt to leave your solar system to take evil elsewhere, we have orders to prevent you by all means necessary. Your contract has certain limitations. OK?

- Well, I am glad I left, jokes Brigitte Aurora.

- Ah ah! Don't worry, if such extreme options were inevitable, everything has been planned to protect the souls worthy of it. Besides, it would not be a matter of physically destroying the Earth, or even the bodies of the Earthlings at fault: we would simply take away their souls. Poof, suddenly no more direction. The bodies, reduced to biological mechanics alone, would continue to agitate for some days, to quote shares on the stock exchange or to watch TV, but soon they would die, for lack of souls to continue living. There will be no cosmic war: we can intervene very cleanly, but in the most radical and unstoppable way!

- Brrr!

- Well, if it came to that, we would still manage to assume the consequences. Everything would be fine for the survivors, we could even help them to reorganize the economy, the telecoms, the ecosystems, or if there is too much havoc, to transport them to other planets at their levels.

- And, for example... Nuclear waste? You could dematerialize them?

- That is a good question. Admit that through your irresponsible stubbornness and your hatred of life, you have got yourself in a big trouble, with this indestructible waste, undetectable by any sense of your body! A nice gift for the future generations, who are condemned to maintain death factories for ten million years, or else they will all die of cancer at the age of forty! Much worse, if this waste is dispersed in the ecosystems (there already are too much of them) it is the proliferation of genetic diseases which will quickly end up making any civilization impossible. Entire uninhabitable countries (like Ukraine with Chernobyl, and soon maybe France or the USA) their inhabitants chased away from everywhere like plague victims, nine babies out of ten atrociously malformed or stupid, the survivors all genetically suspect, hunted down by eugenics and euthanasia which would become imperative for survival, with all the risks of fascist deviation that this implies... This is undoubtedly, by far, the most serious and irreparable of all the crimes against humanity that have been committed to date. Hitler, Stalin and even Mao are a long way behind, with their little tinkered camps that do no harm anyone as soon as they are closed. Only your genetic «science» could do even worse, but there is still time to think.

«But well, we might accept to destroy them, your sacred waste, which you have gone to so much trouble to make, and which brought you absolutely nothing. As well as all the other filth, even the ones which defiles the depths of the Earth or the bosom of the Sea. Everything is even already ready, my colleagues of the Save the Earth Plan have only one button to press. But in order for them to accept to do so, two conditions must be met: The first is that you all renounce nuclear power and pollution, in all countries, officially, definitively and SINCERELY, and that effective global laws are enacted to signify this ban, with serious means to enforce it if necessary. No cheating is possible, because we can probe all the thoughts of the heads of state or inspect in detail any factory without getting up from our seat here in the ship. The second condition is that you ask us, you pignoufs! Officially and publicly. Because we are going to end up getting existential complexes from hearing you say that we don't exist.»

Brigitte-Aurora knows that these words are not addressed to her, but to the invisible assembly behind her, which represents the archetypes of humanity. Costumes, turbans or rags all are there, symbolizing all the races, all the conceptions, all the economic levels. Faces stand up, vaguely frightened.

«Take it easy, Yanathor, there is plenty of people out there who are already thinking about the end of the world.

- Hey, we know that. They must not think they can run away from their responsibilities so easily. The world will not end without our permission.

«Imagine, Brigitte, if they break everything, the horror of living in underground factories, with gas masks and such, or hunted down by the genetic police, unable to make babies without the assistance of a sovereign administration and complex machinery. Even if they manage in these conditions to escape the risks of manipulation or genetic dictatorship, such profound control over life can only have one result: the very evolution of humanity will be blocked for millions of years! What a terrible catastrophe, what a damnation, to relive the same misfortunes indefinitely for such a long period of time, with no hope of escaping from them! Yet if that is the path they choose, we have no right to stop them. Perhaps in this way they will learn to love and respect life... ...but it is not the most pleasant way. They will better go green FAST.

«And in any case, even if all life on Earth becomes impossible, those who would have destroyed it (by their actions or by their complicit passivity) would still be conscious, in one plane or another. And they would have to answer for their behaviour anyway. There is no escape for this. To start with, nobody will want planet killers in any heaven. They will have to start all over again.


- And, uh... Predators, raptors?

- Well, this is a little more complicated. The solution to these problems is not entirely up to you humans. But in any case, the aggressive, destructive or parasitic lifestyles of some animals have the same origin as the evil in humans, and is largely needing the same solutions. Reasoning such as «tigers should be able to eat too» is based on species egocentrism, which has no more place in Cosmic Harmony than individual, racial or clan egocentrism. Remember, however, that animals have less free will than humans, so it is up to you to act. Start with eliminating the evil in you already, and this will be the first step for animals. Then everything can be sorted out, and the Earth can become a paradise for all forms of harmonious and gentle life, as it is on Aeoliah.



Changing the subject completely, Yanathor points at the sky, which is now glowing red above them, like an oven. «The cosmic radiation, uplifted in frequency. Look!

- Oh, but it is curious, it is moving... Like a distant background, visible through the moving surface of a liquid... In places it is intensified several times...

- The cosmological radiation, the cosmic fire of Creation, was originally the same everywhere, but it arrives on Earth in this way, all blurred by the gravitational fields of the dozens of galaxies which interposed themselves along the way. Soon your astronomers will have access to these fascinating relics of the early universe (Note of the author: this was written in 1989. It was not a prophecy, but a scientific prediction which in 2021 is well accomplished)

«But I have other pictures to show you. Much less pretty, unfortunately.»

Suddenly there is a classic suburban Earth landscape... But nowhere greenery: the trees are all brown with their leaves. It is not autumn, because they are still firmly attached to the branches. The houses look untouched, but lifeless. Furniture and clothes discoloured by time are abandoned on the street. Strange and nightmarish detail, all the tires of the cars have burst, littering the sidewalks with black rags. The sky is entirely of that unhealthy yellow of the city's intense heat waves; diesel-exhaust coloured pendants come down from it, but they evaporate long before they hit the ground. There is a smell of burnt rags to vomit, plus a deadly silence. All is evidence of past life, but nothing seems to be left of it. Even the riverbed is empty, displaying rubbish and scrap metal which will never rust again. Two medallions show one a petrol pump, the other a Third World peasant putting his mother forest on fire.

All of them, taken aback, turn their faces towards the Cosmic Guardians, in search of an explanation for this nightmare vision.

«The Greenhouse Effect», Yanathor laconically comments. (Note of the author: this was written in 1989. It was not a prophecy, but already well-known risks at that time, their causes, and their solutions. Therefore there is no excuse for what is happening today in 2021. The only mistake seems to be the divergence, but I would not rely on that.)

Everyone is silent, then he resumes: «The calculations of the Earthlings give temperature increases of two to three degrees. In fact, at one point it diverges, by water vapour, in some weeks. Remember that, even without human actions, it has never been so hot on Earth, which is only a few degrees away from the divergence, as it happened on Venus. This is what we get: 80°C in the shade. All over the Earth there are only a few archaeobacteria left alive. Not an exciting incarnation.»

Another image instantly replaces the first one. A country village, houses which era would be difficult to define: before the industrial revolution, or after the return to nature? Despite its rusticity, this landscape is not very beautiful. There is no poetry, no imagination in the architecture or in the plan. Low stratuses drag their greyness indefinitely and people work in the fields, pass by on the roads. They don't look happy. They are busy, or inexpressive. The vibrations are heavy, muffled. There are vast hedgerows, woods, but no flowers, few birds. They are hiding, terrified: an eagle passes by, a club in its fist. Once again, the intrigued faces of the Eolis and Brigitte turn towards Yanathor. Only the other Guardians keep their serenity, absorbed in intense meditation. Several others have discreetly joined them, no doubt those of the Earth Safeguard Plan.

«Well, this is not a vision of disaster. It even is very ecological: species are saved, pollution stopped, economic injustices, hunger and war abolished, the world population stabilized, dictatorships eliminated. And yet it is horrible. This grey, frozen, unchanging world could go on like this for millions of years, with no joy other than drunkenness, with no hope other than in the cinema. Why do you think it is that way?»

A silence answers him, although in fact everyone knows it. Their sense of danger has warned the Eolis not to contemplate these deleterious images, so they close their eyes and meditate.

«It is so... dares Brigitte, if we manage to save humanity, in fact to make it survive, but without taking care of the soul, of what is deeply human, of the meaning of existence?

- Exactly.

- Well, this problem already exists, since the different movements for a better world ignore each other, ecology, vegetarians, animal protection, spirituality, the New Age, communities, third and fourth world aid, Peace, etc... All these movements are active on their own, without taking into account each other's achievements, and often they contradict each other... not to mention science, which everyone ignores or despises in one way or another.

«And in this way they mutually negate each other's effectiveness. What you see here is actually unlikely to happen as it is, but this is where we would end up if this dispersion of the good wills were to continue. In fact, it would be a disaster far worse than the destruction of humanity. And there would be nothing we could do to prevent it.

- Well, yes, Brigitte continues vehemently, it is hard to understand, there are the ecologists, it is good to be green, but if there are people who are against vegetarians, that is to say in favour of suffering and animal exploitation, what is the point? Yet, they would be furious to see vegetarians working for nuclear power! The same problem arises in the opposite direction for vegetarians: many vegetarians are vegetarians only for their health, for themselves, they have no political or social sense, they don't do anything to make animal Peace spread, and we could say the same for all other movements: help the third world by giving them our vices, without solving the problems of meat and finance which crush them, help the tramps so that they continue to vegetate in the dirt and low vibrations, save the species so that they continue to devour each other... Oh, God, what a mess! What an inconsistency! How can we get anywhere, but in still more mess?

- Our deontology of the Cosmic Guardians does not allow us to enter too early into such discussions. I can still say that we must be a little lenient, in a way, because these movements are beginners. But you do well to say that this situation is dangerous, and that you will have to quickly create a unitary consciousness, a coherence of all these separated movements which contradict each other. Otherwise, the Gardeners of the Souls of the Earth will have to cut off all the energy they are sending to certain movements. They have already had to do this several times in the last ten years, as with the hippies or with self-management. Hear, you people,» he said, raising his voice at the attention of the invisible hemicycle, «otherwise, look what will happen: a movement which is today idealistic and sincere will become one more political party, and then from compromises to «realism», it will in turn be an obstacle to the progress of humanity, instead of being a driving force for it. And we cry afterwards when we find ourselves with dictatorships or inquisitions. Unfortunately, this is how things have always been: a generous intuition becomes an idea, then an opinion, then a dogma, and finally a normative system, an oppression. (Note of the author: Actually, the energy of the New Age had to be severed right the following year 1990, for the motives above. In 2021, only an empty caricature remains, like in France the opposition to the Linky electric meters)

- This is how communism became stalinism,» says Brigitte. On paper it was a nice popular idea, based on Solidarity, but it could not keep its promises because of a lack of respect for the individual, a lack of Sincerity, and above all a lack of a true spirit of Mutual Aid among the people. Nowadays, organic wine risks being the Stalinism of ecology. We absolutely need to raise our vibrations, to become more poetic, to avoid a catastrophe like the one you have shown us. Imagine, I could almost put names on the characters!

- Ah ah ah ah! Organic wine, stalinism of... That's a good historical quote, Brigitte. To be noted. But if mankind could easily choose another path than Marxism, it cannot avoid going by ecology, and even less avoid going by mutual aid. The choice is clear: ecology or disappearance. Survival is at this price.

«But in order to have life in addition to survival, we need to do even more: to make SPI-RI-TU-AL ecology. And mutual aid. So act. Well, I present things in a dramatic way, but they could indeed become dramatic. Fortunately, if a movement loses its ideal and becomes an administration, there always is another movement to take up the torch and carry it further, to light more hearts.»

The invisible hemicycle now seems to be composed mostly of young or old but healthy people. They are overwhelmingly Westerners, but they left the best seats to a few Africans, Hindus, Far Easterners, South Americans and Arabs, all with a clean and friendly appearance. Together they nod silently, glaring at the lead grey stratuses still rolling dully over this sad landscape, where life equals biochemistry.


«All right,» Yanathor resumes, «enough moping for today. We shall see more, but we must not talk openly about everything to the Earthlings yet. We saw only the already known commonplaces.

- But they do not consciously listen at us.

- No, indeed, they are not real people. But they represent what western mystics call archetypes, or the planetary Logos. It is not a conscious character in the way you usually understand it, but it is a powerful force which exists, with which we can communicate, and which has a great influence on the state of humanity and its ongoing evolution. Especially children, as they develop, use this as a blueprint for building their psyches, especially the parts which are not dependent on genes, such as the nerve centres of writing, logical reasoning, social sense. You see how fundamental its role is. This is what all these curious characters are, and this is why they do not seem to have any personal feelings or ideas, and why they necessarily represent all races and cultures. Right now we are in communication with them, and they are recording. Everything they record will come out in future generations, already a bit in this one, and there is nothing evil can do to stop it.


«But let us now see a better future for Earth.»

The sad landscape does not really disappear, but the sun suddenly rises. It is the same physical place, but in another more welcoming part of the Carte du Tendre: everything is beautiful, flowery, nicely arranged. Cute rustic houses compete in originality and cleverness to integrate solar collectors and verandas, and their inhabitants are happily active in the fields, or dancing along the paths. Hedges and hedgerows curve gracefully, harmoniously as in a Japanese garden. Birds and squirrels run and fly everywhere, free and joyful.

The Eolis, hitherto silent, exclaim cheerfully, make comments.

- That is better,» says Brigitte.

- This bright future is included in today's ecologist&'s ideas. But so is the other one. There is a choice to be made.

- It reminds me of one of the founders of the ecology movement, René Dumont, who made an election poster where we saw a path switch leading on the one hand to chaos, through pollution, and on the other hand to happiness, through ecology. But there are other switches to be selected further on. The two images that you showed us, Yanathor, are spirituous ecology and spiritual ecology, between which we must choose.

- Ah, another historical word! Bravo, Brigitte, you are in great shape tonight!» Comments Yanathor, who encourages Brigitte. He himself stays above the debate, without going into the current events of the conflicts on Earth.

This scene of green bliss is followed by a series of others. On one, it is nice, people are naked in the gardens and meadows. Everyone is cheerful, pleasant, enjoying picnics and exciting farm activities. There are some who love themselves on the grass, with no other discretion than to retreat to a small corner of a mossy orchard. The following vision is the same, but Poetry is the dominant note: people are dressed in long, loose-fitting pastel robes, dancing gracefully, mindful of the songs of the birds. In a third image, it is in a mystical ecstasy, in white robes, in the great silence of the forest where the birds' songs are harmonious prayers. The Eolis comment joyfully, and exclaim with each new sight.

Another series shows first a workshop, of building computers and other high-tech devices still to be invented. But this workshop is pretty, clear and flowery, composed of small rounded spaces separated by patios or gardens. The appliances themselves have a style, a harmony, pretty pastel colours, and the workstations are clean and tidy. Everyone comes to work there whenever they want, according to their other occupations or their impulses. Then, without transition, we find ourselves in the middle of the African virgin forest where Black people assemble, singing, different kinds of rattan baskets, small, large, bottle racks, sturdy handling pallets, furniture, sometimes with the help of ready-made templates, sometimes with their own inspiration. And they are having fun! And they also make the Eolis laugh! The following picture shows the technicians on a sort of podium, where they display their solution for a storage item or whatever, with lots of passionate technical arguments, clever tricks to delight in, in the most subtle synthetic materials. Then a merry tamtam and cheerful songs burst forth: the Blacks arrive with their even more clever rattan prototype, their incredible hair, their colourful masks and matching paints, with superb poise, laughing and dancing so lively that the Eolis rise up and accompany them!

Brigitte can't laugh anymore, and Yanathor too: «Ah ah! We always are sure of our effect when we show that thing! You see, choices such as the technological level, loving each other physically or spiritually, are basically not very important, and mankind can very well accommodate very strong disparities in these choices, as long as they respect Cosmic Harmony. What is important, whatever we choose, is to live it spiritually. Bodily love or chastity? Either way, you are free. But Body Love calls for Poetry, otherwise it is just porn. Chastity calls for Love and Joy, otherwise it is just bigotry, and it is just as repulsive as porn. Joy without intelligence or poetry is just vulgarity. Contemplation without activity is just an escape. Activity without harmonious purpose is also a flight, but forward. Technical or not technical? Here too you are free. You are not even obliged to all follow the same path: as long as all your lives remain in communion with nature, the presence or absence of this or that technical means for one or the other people, does not matter so much. What is important to know, is that technology without respect for Nature is pollution, and ecology without respect for INDIVIDUAL living beings is just the law of the jungle.»


Long silences follow each series of visions. Nellio asks, in a dreaming mood: «A world where souls are forbidden, how is that possible? We are souls, we cannot be prevented from existing.

- Oh, these are very strange things, which for me are already far away... To Earthlings, we are bodies, piles of organs and matter... All we have is a number, a bank account...

- A what?

- Ah! How can I explain this to you? It is an account... I don't know how to say... Oh yes! It is an account to count everything that belongs... No, what other humans recognize as belonging... No, damn it! The egocenter is recognized by the law, but souls, there is a terrible religion called atheism which says they don't exist, and they do everything to keep their light out of sight.

- What strange diseases.

- It is hard to conceive.

- We, before we heard about these things, we thought that they were jokes, or legends, that were told to us so that we would work well in school, so that we would follow the Universal Laws well.

- People are richer the more beautiful their souls are. It is logical.

- We are only richer by the beauty of our souls. I don't see how doing a big heap of material things can change that.»

For a long time they look at each other silently. Yes, Brigitte-Aurora, a little Earth girl unknown to her fellow Humans, is rich only of her soul... And yet the incredible Happiness which is for her now, no financial wealth could ever have bought her.


«Tell us, kind Aurora, are you happy to leave Earth for our beautiful planet?

- Oh yes, of course, but... I am leaving a little bit of my heart, which I gave to the other Earthlings. You see, Earth could be so beautiful, with over five billions hearts in it... I had given everything, sacrificed everything, to bring closer the day when it would be so... I had put my whole soul into that task... I remained attached to it, in short... There were things in progress, the drawings, my little house, Peyreblanque... What will my friends think, if they do not see me coming back?

- Do you want to stay now? Jokes Yanathor.

- Oh, no, but I am concerned about that.

- Don't worry, we have thought about it. We have solutions, for someone who will have a good use of it.

«A house? A piece of land? They are living places, and as such they are immediately to those who love them and live in them. The house, the field and the human being are linked like man, woman and child in the family, it is not a legal contract, but a situation in life in which no one has the right to interfere, which no one can dispose of. There is no other law.

«Hey, until now, humanity only made progress by kicking its own buttocks: wars, famines, epidemics, which it has itself provoked. Well, your days are better, there is a little more goodwill, but admit, it is not that yet. There are still some things that need to be fixed, and this is precisely our job as Cosmic Guardians: to re-establish cosmic... order. We have been given the means and the authority to use them. And so far we have received nothing but congratulations from the High Universal Authorities. So, we continue.»

This judgment seems a bit harsh to Brigitte, but she realizes that it is not addressed to her personally, but, once again, to the strange allegorical assembly which, behind her, is silent, thinking, taking notes on imaginary notebooks. Even if no one really hears Yanathor's words, even if they would most probably disturb the real listeners, one day, in a few years or decades, they will come out, in deeds. Unborn children will be imbued with them from the very beginning of their lives.

«The only thing we cannot do is to intervene openly on Earth, since this is the experience you wanted to live. We will only do it if you ask for it yourselves, all of you, in your soul and conscience. Ah, Brigitte, you agree.

- Oh yes, but what does the cosmic order consist of?»

Instantly and completely reassured, he patted her gently on the back: «That everybody should be happy, of course.» Then, lyrically:

«The Cosmic Order is when souls do what they were created to do: marvel at the Beauty of the Creation, enivrate themselves with their own unique and irreplaceable beauty. It is when souls, instead of wrapping themselves in egocentricity, open up to each other, communicating with each other and with the Source of Universal Life, exchanging the most beautiful vibrations, the most constructive ideas. It is when they follow the harmonious universal laws of Love and Mutual Aid, which bring them Peace and Happiness in return. It is when they finally create in their turn even more wonder...»

Yanathor could go on to describe the Cosmic Order... But he prefers to remain silent: how to put into words what is so simple? Silence speaks better to the soul...



As Yanathor himself said, the few previous visualizations of the possible futures for Earth are only commonplace, which most awakened Earthlings already know. Just to get started. Serious work we cannot report, because the contract of the Earthlings expressly states that they are masters of their own destiny: we must build it ourselves, using the amazing creative imagination we have received for our share. Even the visualizations of the Cosmic Guardians (several hundred, during the three days) respect this rule, and are about choices which are in a foreseeable near future, but which necessity did not yet emerged in the consciousness of a sufficient number of us. These are wise rules that the author of these lines will not break.

Let us say that they are about politics, with a process (O how progressive) of reduction of the power of states, in favour of international or local bodies, and also a decrease of the «Big Brother», a surge of democratization. But, in order not to degenerate towards a lax «Brave new World» à la Huxley, which would probably be worse, this requires an ever greater good will, a respect for certain fundamental values of the individual and of nature, which will imply new laws, which may sometimes be very restrictive. (Note of the author: this was written in 1989. This time it was a true prediction, obtained through spiritual knowledge, and which is actually being in progress in 2021. You understand why no publisher ever accepted this book, and why I have to publish it on the Internet or at author's expense, lol)

They also speak of the economy, with a preparation of new types of relations without the infamous conflictual «exchange», at the level of small friendly groups, of neighbours. Brigitte easily recognizes what she had tried to explain to the group in Peyreblanque, and what the Eolis always lived with the greatest simplicity and the most total absence of problems. In this regard, she asked Anthelme the question:

«But you only have relations on a small scale, between neighbouring villages, whereas on Earth we have to have relations on a global scale. Is it possible that what works so well for you can be transferred to us?

- Of course it can! The best proof of this, my little Aurora, is that we too have economic relations on a global scale.

- Do you?

- Yes, perfectly. Iron. Which we get from the skeletons of certain marine animals.

- Ah! So you trade internationally.

- Delegate of the Earthlings, are you dumb stumped? No, we don&'t have any international trade on Aeoliah! Defo not! First, because we do not have this disease that you call «countries» or these crutches that you call «governments». So we are naturally global. We are all sons and daughters of Aeoliah and of the Sun! There are variations of Poetry among us depending on the place, plain or mountain, island or forest, river or dune, and this translates into different perfumes and skin colours, all more violently erotic the ones than the others, but never into those scabs you call states. Secondly, they are not exchanges, but gifts, kindness. The Eolis of the islands lovingly collect iron, and send it on bird backs to the most remote parts of Aeoliah, and even to the bases we have at the poles, a rude land of winds and great wild deers, powerful aurochs and volcanoes, which resembles your Canada.

- Really?

- Yes, I'm not telling you the party when we manage to climb on the antlers of a big deer, and he runs impetuously through the Autumn forest (because at the poles of Aéoliah, and there only, there are seasons). We do not live there, but many Eolis make the trip at least once in their life, this is why we maintain bases there. But there you have to dress well, because the climate is cold. There even are some glaciers. The poles are occupied by volcanic islands, like your Iceland, but much bigger.

- But, tell me, Anthelme, if you are doing so well in economics, it also is about agriculture. Each village can stand on its own, so in fact trad... communication with others is not vital. If there are problems, you can always manage in autarky.

- Here again, I see the conditioning which limits the thinking of Earthlings and prevents them from understanding what the economy really is. It is true that the movement of goods between our villages is not vital, yet it takes place every day: seeds, fabrics, tools, decorative objects, paintings, spend their time wandering from one village to another, sometimes from one continent to another, with the utmost disregard for profitability. The workers themselves move around a lot. Some live in one village but offer their work to other villages or islands: painting, carpentry, basketry. Others are like what you call compagnons: they live in groups, Eolis and Eolines of all races mixed together, who move about as the work goes on. This is the case especially for the carpenter compagnons who make tree platforms like the one in Adenankar, with pieces of wood that several Earthlings together would not be able to lift. It is also the case of the miners who know how to cut the hardest rocks to make houses or shelters. When a village or a wisdom centre calls on them, it just has to make sure that there will be enough food and everything for everyone, otherwise it gets help from neighbouring villages.

«As for what you call self-sufficiency, I really do not see what it brings. It is an earthling thing so you don't have to depend on people you are in conflict with, or you don't like. But it does not help to resolve that conflict. This is precisely what you call ducking. Well, it is not a sin in itself, but it still is a breach of our duty toward life. In any society, we depend on each other. But there is definitively no need to fear this dependence, as long as people put the universal laws of Mutual-Help before this egoistic illusion you call «self-interest». And we are so much happier that way! And everything is so much simpler!

«The basis of our economy, which ensures its sustainability and success, is that everyone likes to do what is needed for the Good and Happiness of all, and does it on their own initiative, under their own responsibility. Thus everything which needs to be done is always done when and where it is needed. The fundamental difference with your system is that our motivation is simple, unconditional and directly related to real needs. Whereas in your system, everyone acts only for the money they get, regardless of the usefulness of what they do. The door is then open to all kinds of absurdities: the necessary is lacking (hunger in the world, illiteracy...) while the resources and work that could be devoted to solving these problems are diverted to the useless (finance, soccer, unemployment) or even to the harmful (armament), without people, or even your governments, being able to change anything. For a long time we have wondered, moreover, what are these governments, which, although they always meddle in everything, seem incapable of really directing or changing things. In our place, everything always works very well without a leader. And if sometimes you need one, then that is not the way it happens at all.


«But there are other reasons for our success, which are not economic, but ecological, because as you know, one of the fundamental principles of economics is that it is a part of ecology, and that it can in no way break its laws, under penalty of punishments which are sometimes subtle and difficult to understand, but always unstoppable and very painful. Yanathor had to explain this to us, because for us it is so simple and obvious, like breathing, that we would not have thought to tell you about it.

«The first economic-ecological rule is that each portion of Aeoliah's soil carries no more inhabitants than it can feed. In fact, it bears far fewer, ten or a hundred times fewer. So everyone can participate directly in satisfying their own needs, barefoot on their Mother Earth, in a peaceful, lively and poetical setting, instead of living in the air, cut off from nature, as in your incredible cities. (Here too, we wonders what pleasure you find in piling up in such promiscuity, on top of each other, each one bearing the noise of all). Not occupying all of nature also gives us the freedom to gather together, to receive visitors, etc... But the main reason is that we are not alone on Aéoliah, there simply are other species, the birds, and virgin nature itself, who have just as much the right as we do to exist and express themselves in places of their own. And also it allows us to preserve large areas of silence and pure Poetry, where we can meditate and commune without any discomfort or interference!

«And we have never been contaminated by your bizarre ideology of expansion. We can regulate our population, increase or decrease it according to places and resources, and you too can do the same recently, with contraception, even though it is still imperfect. This is a great opportunity, so rejoice in it, instead of entrusting the management of your population to all sorts of political sickos, religious sickos or sexual sickos.


«Second rule: for obvious spiritual reasons, all the Eolis cultivate their land. The only exceptions are centres like Irizdar (there are more than a million of them in the whole Aeoliah), but here too each centre is supported by a network of neighbouring villages. In Irizdar, for example, there usually are between ten and thirty thousand Eolis and Eolines, but hardly more than a thousand permanent staff, who only stay there half of the time, alternating with farming or other manual work in the neighbouring villages. Eolis like Ozoard and Orzeilla, who almost never cultivate, are only a few dozen in Irizdar.

- The male bees, so to speak.

- Yes, it is a bit like that, but we treat them more kindly, still. Just like the males of your bees, they have an irreplaceable role, as minstrels, guardians of the collective consciousness, teachers, focal points of energy, which they must fulfil at full time, hence the dispensation they are given with a big heart. But parasites who have their rooms swept or their clothes washed by servants, that does not exist anywhere on Aeoliah, nor on any other harmonious planet. Anyone reduced to such a state of decay on Aeoliah would quickly die of old age.

«Thus, for a school like Irizdar, there must be a million Eolis in the Happiness Villages spread out in the forests in front of the cliffs of Irizdar. Irizdar is not a clan separated from the other Eolis. Irizdar is all of US. It is us when we go there to study, and it is also us when we have to feed our friends who go there to study. That's it.


«The lack of just one of these two basic rules can cause serious problems, and upset the subtle balance of economic circuits. It can lead to the kind of cancers of society that are the concentrations of people (cities) or power (governments, armies, capitalist trusts, religious castes or technocrats...) which, once started, tend to grow indefinitely and to secrete an existence that is further and further away from Beauty and Harmony, losing more and more contact with nature and life. It will take a lot of willpower to heal from this, at the stage you are at now.


«The third fundamental economic and ecological rule that we apply on Aéoliah is the return of trace elements.

- The what?

As you know, life is only possible if it has water, Sun, but also a variety of rare chemical elements, called trace elements. Eolis (and humans) find them in plants, which in turn draw them from the soil. If the soil has exhausted its trace elements, then no more plants, and thus no more life. You saw this yesterday, in the photos of Yanathor, a former military base in the middle of the Amazon, where the soil is now as bare and sterile as in the Sahara, despite the daily showers and the sun, despite the lush jungle all around. You have managed to create the opposite of an oasis of life: an anti-oasis of death in the midst of your richest nature! How clever!

- Above all, it is very surprising! Why hasn't even a blade of grass been growing here in the middle of the equatorial jungle for years?

- Because this soil contains no trace elements. Disappeared, swept away, dissolved by the showers which fall here every day for millions of years. The only trace elements in the jungle are in the plants themselves. The roots don't descend into the depths of sterile sand, but rise up to the layer of dead leaves which are digested in some days. It is an extra-short cycle, without reserves, and if it is opened, then it is the death of the jungle and the desert. This is why any attempt at so-called «agricultural development» of the jungle is bound to fail. The mere fact of exporting wood, or even rubber, irreversibly destroys the capital of life. Well, this is an extreme case, but it could also happen in your powerful feeder lands in Europe, North America or China if you continue your fancy farming methods. Already in Europe food quality is declining, land is being depleted, microbial life has almost disappeared, some land are producing crops only with fertilizer, and organic farming is becoming more and more difficult.

«Soils always tend to be depleted of trace elements, because the rain carries them to the oceans. On the other hand, erosion releases deeper bedrock which contains them, but this is a slow process. Fortunately, on Earth, because of storms, your oceans foam, and some of this scum rich in trace elements, is washed away by the rains, and it fertilizes the land again. On our planet, where there are no storms, it is the Ocean Breath which takes care of sowing the land with trace elements: it thus has a vital role. So everything could be balanced, but there you are, you are making very serious mistakes with total blindness, and you do not even suspect the terrible consequences. Because you sign your death warrant by EXPORTING YOUR OLIGO-ELEMENTS!

- But how?

- Quite simply: You open the natural cycle, instead of returning the trace elements to the soil, you send them elsewhere. Look at what you do: you burn or throw away your kitchen waste, or mix them with plastic, metals, chemicals, etc. You throw your excrement into rivers (directly or through those dreadful low-vibration generators you call pits, sewers, etc.) Everything goes to the ocean, or to poisoned dumps, instead of coming back to the earth, inexorably carrying away the precious trace elements and the fertility of your agriculture with it! Get this into your head: at the table, a steak is ten children from the Third World who don't eat. After the table, a flush of water means ten of your own children will one day stop eating! It is horrible, it is abominable, and yet this is what awaits you if you continue to destroy your most precious asset: the life of your soil. And there is no cure for that.

«You frustrate the earth even from your dead bodies, which you lock up in atrocious watertight boxes, where they emit the most appalling vibrations! You keep your rottenness as preciously as your money! Don't you know that human and animal bodies accumulate during the course of their lives sometimes very large quantities of trace elements, to make sure that you always have some in reserve? And that these trace elements, just like the others, must return to the cycle?

«When a soul abandons its body, why should it attach to it? Do you put your old shoes in safes, in exhibitions where future generations will come to revere them? No, then it is the same for the bodies: in compost, or, if you prefer fire, put the ashes in the garden, and goodbye! And don't talk about it anymore! And over here are the good vegetables.

«It is like this: whether it is bodies, excrements, peelings or agricultural waste, EVERYTHING must return to the general life of the Earth! ALL trace elements must be recycled! EVERYTHING must be able to ferment easily and become a healthy and fertile humus again! NOTHING should be mixed with other products: think that a plastic bag lasts for years, that one filthy mercury battery is enough to poison two tons of soil!

«If you continue to squander the resources of your planet in this way, soon the only mines you will have left will be your landfills and cemeteries. Berk Berk Berk Berk!!!»

Brigitte does not feel sorry to be scolded like that: she only acts as an intermediary. Especially since Anthelme has absolutely no hatred, not the slightest hint of contempt. She knows that the situation on Earth is serious. Even if progress is timidly beginning to appear on the horizon, no evolutionary rest can be granted to the Earth's people. The twenty-first century will be the century of ecology, just as the twentieth century was the century of technology. But this vision is still too simple, and it is not at random if the first images of Yanathor presented a choice for the respect of the spirit within ecology itself! The twenty-first century will be spiritual or it will not be.

Brigitte realizes how far from reality the official vision of the world is, and especially that this official vision has absolutely no hold on this reality.

And all those ignorant technocrats who only have the word «realism» in their mouths...





Other sequences of Yanathor are scientific and technical. We can mention some of them.

The life of the galaxies, accelerated... Formidable moving whirlpool, thrilling, sparkling with ephemeral giant stars, bubbling with flamboyant nebulae! What Earthly words can describe such an overwhelming spectacle as the rut of the worlds, blazing with lights and sparkles! But a galaxy is not motionless. Aéoliah's galaxy revolves around a giant elliptic, in the company of several other spirals, in an unreal and wild cosmic ballet. And they meet, collide, twist, and their whirlpool exalts itself; they eject arms of stars, light up furnaces where billions of worlds and hopes of life are born. Three of them have even engulfed themselves in the central giant, each time igniting the pink lightning of the quasar and its two powerful indigo jets. This unforgettable sequence lasted about twenty minutes during which no one said a word, captivated by the formidable vibration of the worlds in creation...

No less pathetic, another sequence shows, also in accelerated, the confrontation of the continents, or more exactly the titanic thrust of the oceanic plates of Aeoliah which perpetually sink under the continents. The latter, under the tremendous forces which surrounds them on all sides, fold back on themselves, forming these immense mountainous cordilleras which run along almost all the coasts of Aeoliah. But the perpetual erosion throws material back into the sea, which, pushed back along the coasts, forms new mountains. A closer sequence shows shoals of rock bending, with a strange sound halfway between a dull moan and a bitter squeak, pathetic as the panting of a struggle. Then, as the fold becomes too unstable, it collapses entirely, and it travels more than fifteen kilometres in five real minutes.

«The mountains dancing! The mountains dancing!» The Eolis exclaim joyfully, that such an appalling catastrophe seems to excite so much. Their chronicles report many of them, quite normal in the tectonic life of the planet. There also are regular reports on Earth, but few yet witnessed them, since they only occur every ten to twenty thousand years. The sense of danger of the Eolis warns them many centuries before they occur, and the same goes for animals and trees. So when the mountains begin to dance, it is on desert lands that the titanic waves of moving rocks break out. Sometimes, in the phenomenal avalanche, islands of rock remain untouched, and the story is told of a group of Eolis who attempted this terrifying journey, more than three kilometres over the undulating rump of a drifting mountain, rolling like a ship, surrounded by darkness and lightning, in the geological thunder that we imagine! This made them laugh a lot... After!


«But, Yanathor, how is it possible to reconstruct these scenes from the past? Brigitte asked.

- You know that. Look at the passage of time from a relativistic point of view. In space-time, there is neither past nor future; all events are visible at the same time, as in a huge landscape. Of course, this landscape is oriented, like a river, from the past to the future, thanks to the law of cause and effect. If you look at it as a whole, from a relativistic point of view, then you can see, for example, the whole life of a person, existing simultaneously, in a single instant of your own consciousness, whereas from his ordinary point of view this person is in a single point which moves in the course of time. Our vessel is not connected to any particular place in space, nor is it connected to any particular time. You understand that it is easy, under these conditions, to look at the past. We did even not bother to record these images on film, and the light that impressed your retinas was actually captured in space ten billions years ago. We might as well be able to resolve any of your legal cases quite objectively with a little bit of a scope from one of our ships, and even know exactly what the protagonists are thinking and intending.

- Ah! But why don't you do that?

- Well, firstly, because you never asked us to, and secondly, because Earthlings have a special assignment: the past is only accessible to them through a personal sense, uncontrollable by other people: individual memory. This, for deviated souls, offers the apparent possibility of lying, of falsifying events. This terrible trap into which so many of you rush without any concern for the consequences, this trial, must be experienced by you as an apprenticeship in Sincerity, towards others of course, but also and above all in Sincerity towards yourself, which is of an importance that far too few of you suspect.

- Most Earthlings are sincere with themselves, still.

- To the extent in which they have mastered their psychology. While the intent is here for the most part, the result is really reliably present only in a small minority, the ones who have seriously practised spiritual awakening. And don't forget one thing. Humanity is one big family. At present, the souls you help to realize themselves with your soul helpers, and those we help ourselves, are for the most part permanently escaping from Earth. But it is not a normal situation for a family to take away its children. A day will come for the Earth to awaken more quickly, and then the souls already realized will do well to stay there and take the lead.

- I would like to see that,» Brigitte continues.

- Unfortunately, the probability of seeing it in your lifetime is still sadly low, if things continue as they are. Perhaps, in the not too distant future, the vision of the past will be given to mankind, when the ordeal I mentioned is resolved, or even sooner if a world government of wise persons is established according to plan.

- There are people on Earth who claim to have extrasensory visions of the past, or of their past lives.

- Yes, that can happen. But for almost all the stories that have been published, their authors, even if they were really able to capture something true, would be quite incapable of discriminating it from everything their imagination has embroidered on the subject, from their unconscious desires. All you have to do, for example, is to make a collection of all the lives of Jesus told in every possible way by a bunch of pseudo-seers of all sorts, and I tell you that you will soon be nauseous.

- And what about the future?

- Ah, the future! Unlike the past, which is an immutable relic, the future is subject to our free will. Theoretically, with our ships, we could go see it using the same process as the past, but the free will of conscious beings means that it is not entirely determined. It works like the quantum states of a particle: there are several superimposed ones, present simultaneously, each one more or less probable, for example a subatomic particle that would be at the same time 95 per cent a kaon and 5 per cent a meson. But during an interaction with another particle, information is exchanged and only one of the two states becomes real, with the indicated probability, without being able to predict which one. For the future, there are similarly several possible futures, superimposed, except that it is the minds of conscious beings who interact on the world, through their free will choices and concrete actions, and who will make one future come true rather than another.

«We could indeed travel in the future with ships like ours, but under these conditions it exposes us to several dangers. Indeed, if a person knows his future, or rather believes he knows it because it is only a possibility, it will guide his choices, whereas his path may have been elsewhere, in another future less likely but more interesting for him. This is a well-known manipulation process on Earth, for which one does not even need to really know the future.

«But the most appalling danger, which no one on Earth has yet suspected, is that a person who could travel into the future, physically or even in astral, and exchange even the slightest bit of information, would be freezing one of its possibilities in advance, which would be an incredible violation of the fundamental freedom of all the other people concerned, who would be forced to follow a destiny which had been fixed in advance, and over which they would no longer have any control! That would be of interest to many dictators, but better they don't try it, for it is not even possible to predict what freezing the future might produce in the present. We once saw a planet much more advanced than Earth, but still struggling, where dictators used ships like ours, despite our warnings, to thwart a return to democracy by freezing the future. They succeeded perfectly well, but, without any control of the consequences, they found themselves in the situation of quite ordinary citizens, among the ones who suffered the most from the restored dictatorship. And they had to endure this for the eleven thousand years they had planned, in total despair, because they knew very well that whatever they tried, even suicide, they could not change anything! Worse still, their evolution also remained blocked all this time, for lack of free will, and when they found it again, they still hadn't understood anything and immediately tried to do the same thing again! But then, we had to stop them, because the delay of this planet was starting to have repercussions on others.

«So exploring the future is forbidden to us and this is just as well. It is like when you watch a movie: you don't like to be told what happens afterwards. Even so, we are sometimes given permission, as Guardians, to probe the future to reveal information to beings who need it. The Source of Life itself sometimes warns mortals of impending events, accidents, or that sense of danger that the Eolis have. On Earth it happens just as much, but it is one of those unaccepted, repressed realities that you do not suspect the daily importance of, especially not when you read the soccer reports in your newspapers. And many of you secretly regret somewhere not having listened one day some inner voice, or not having taken into account a foreboding...

«But, as I told you earlier, past, present, and future exist simultaneously, beyond time, in that unimaginable energy that Christians call God, the Indian Great Spirit, the Buddhist wisdom, and the Eolis Universal Source of all Life. And what produces free will in every living being? The part of Divinity which is in each consciousness. To speak as a Christian, or as your Mother Grand, only God can create, and it is He who speaks within you when you truly express yourself as an individual according to the magnificent laws He has established. So for the future, as your earthly saying goes, God alone knows...

«...Or, if you prefer, to know the future, you have to be in the mind of God.

«Or to be in communion with this universal energy which expresses in the free will of conscious beings, and which through this continues to create the universe. This is the only good way to know the future, and which allows access, not to probabilities, but to what is really useful for the person concerned, to what is really his path, and which can be indicated to him with confidence, without the risk of violating his freedom or disrupting his evolution. On Earth, you have seers who say they see your future. Many of them are nothing more than dangerous crooks, and among those who are really able to see something, some are only capturing the probabilities, or even your personal opinion of your future. Few of them are truly capable of guiding you on your path in life, and for that they themselves must be in communion with the Universal Source of life, with the project of the universe, with what is highest in us. In any case that is what we Guardians do, in the rare cases where we are allowed to reveal one's future to someone.

«And for the present, therefore, a little more Humility: each of us are only channels, receivers, unique indeed, but we are really ourselves only when we express the gifts He has given us, the energy He sends us. Everything else is just illusion and restlessness.

(Note of the author: I expressed later these views on time in a clearer and more scientific way, in my book «General Epistemology», especially chapter IV-3)




* * *




Between two movie sequences, Brigitte-Aurora blends so much with the Eolis that she really feels like one of them. Only her size differentiates her from them, but here she finds the same gestures, the same approaches, the same mimics. If no memory comes back to her, she feels, especially with her old friends, an extreme connivance, an ease of mutual understanding that borders on telepathy.

And they laugh! And they have fun! Only one regret: not having some work to have more fun. Fortunately there are the Yanathor sessions. It must be said they have been practising for several months now.

Although Brigitte-Aurora cannot find her memories, she really feels like an Zoline, among her friends she just found back. Always with her Nellio on her shoulder, she helps out with the small jobs the Eolis have taken along. But, as the three days pass imperceptibly, she (and they) begin to find bland this rootless life. They have to feel under their bare feet the warmth of the mother earth, the caress of the moss, plunge their hands into the fragrant soil where the seed is voluptuously sinking, breathe the embalmed breeze of the undergrowth, hear birds they have never seen, meet unknown people with strange preoccupations, fly as far as they want under the bright sky, so far away but there always is a «farther» where they will never go because the universe is so vast to visit it in all its immensity, in all its infinite variety...


xxx As the last hours arrive, Yanathor offers them a short visit of the ship. «You won't be able to see everything, because in fact we are only materializing a small part of our facilities. The life we really lead would be difficult for you to understand, inaccessible to your senses. Especially, we cannot show our «computer» because it is in the astral. Too bad for the Earthlings, but it is too early to reveal such techniques, which are nevertheless within their reach. Wisdom is needed, before you can use a machine which has the strange power to connect directly into the human brain, at a distance, to read thoughts and create images and sounds as intense as reality...»

They all gather at the second door, the one which leads to the inside of the ship. It finally opens. But, stunned, they don't dare to move forward. Besides, Yanathor is holding them back.

While the dome of their compartment shows them the merry sky of Aeoliah, the view here is in space. It is of a prodigious, immeasurable immensity, with the stars of the universe all around, above and below. For kilometres, or tens of kilometres perhaps, one cannot know because there are no distance markers, a marvellous harmony of domes, spheres or other rounded shapes, multicoloured, as big as airships or as big as hills, but they seem small with the distance. Some could house tens of thousands of inhabitants. Most of them float motionless, with no material ties, alone or in groups harmonized by their colours. Others orbit slowly around each other. They seem to communicate with each other by means of luminous auras or coloured influxes, motionless or pulsating, sometimes animated by slow whirlpools. A few much larger white spheres, aligned in a sort of backbone, probably house the vital centres of the City of the Stars.

From this immensity emanates a strange, subtle, violet, rapid and ethereal vibration, which they could not sustain for long. All around, outside, it is the emptiness of space, all shimmering with stars. A huge sky blue disc glows, dotted with a few indigo ovals: «It is Uhluhlorah. Our ship is in orbit around this planet, but we say that she is in one place for your pleasure, because, as you now know, she not really is anywhere in space.»

This vision suddenly disappears, for another: a huge spherical space, white and clear, with dots or little balls of coloured light floating in it. Dazzling lightning-flashes quickly dash from one to the other, in a powerful vibration of intense activity, purity, Creative Force.

«Our central temple. You see it here as in the astral, for in fact the vibrations are so powerful that the physical bodies would be destroyed. Besides, it is not a hollow building, but a full volume, like a small planet. We ourselves go there only in astral. We receive there the energies specially sent by the Source of Life, to make of them our operational egregore. It is a very demanding work, which is only accessible to beings who have undergone special training. Even your spiritual senses would not allow you to fully understand it.»

Before the Eolis began commenting on anything, this image gives way to one last one. But so beautiful...

Imagine suddenly plunging into the chalice of one of those unbearable indigo ipomea... Auranaïa was waiting for them there, always smiling with her enigmatic smile, indigo on a background of magenta and violet stars... Behind her lies an apartment both intimate and unreal... All in drapes, veils, translucent or luminous as if the Sun was illuminating them from behind, and all of this radioactive purple...

The Eolis and Brigitte-Aurora move forward with exquisite slowness, discovering a world of dreams, of enchantment, a population of floral pavilions, opalescent petals, iridescent leaves, in all the shades from pale blue to a fluorescent crimson purple, harmoniously arranged, restful, simple.

«Welcome in the palace of the Auraliah.» This is the way she welcomes them. And this really is this pure, fairy-tale, feminine vibration, almost unbearably powerful. And only then, the Eolis realize that Boronne and Lioureline are each on one of Auranaïa's shoulders.

Amazed, they walk among the alcoves and passages, between the stalactites of immaterial canvas and the mezzanines of tinted glass. They are not alone, other Cosmic Guardians are there, sitting or meditating, no doubt to recharge themselves with this beneficial and so beautiful atmosphere.

Are the purple flowers which adorn some of the walls alive? One wonders, for they undulate gently, reaching out dreamy hands to those who come forward, to gratify them with a caress, totally immaterial but oh so moving...

Auranaïa floats in this blue universe, from a bouquet of mauve arums to a purple mother-of-pearl armchair. She does not need to walk, Auranaia. She is the cosmic fairy, the queen of this dream palace. Dream palace it really is, for their feet do not touch the ground; they make no noise, encountering only a supple, immaterial resistance, where they do not even bounce.

And above all this, there is a perfume... Not even violets can compare to it.

Even Yanathor doesn't say anything more, he smiles, moved by the Eolis flying here and there.


And what do they find in the palace of Auranaia? Children! They are here, in a small ovoid room, clear as in full sun, all lined with flowers, on a purple sand floor glittering with golden mica. They are the richest treasure, the most marvellous jewels of the City of the Stars: little children, yes, children from the Earth, playing together like all the children of the universe do: a boy and a girl from India, still skinny, a seven-year-old South American girl with huge eyes as if she could see again after years of darkness, a black boy and a white boy, a young Arab girl, and three babies with dazzling eyes... All orphans, discreetly taken in by the cosmic fairies, when they were abandoned by everybody in countries of misery or war, and their disappearance among many others will not have attracted much attention ...

Amazed, they contemplate these small Eolis, not at all surprised to see these strange bird-people appear. Their nurses smile silently, happy to show their treasures. As the Auraliah also is in children's dreams...







Stranded on Earth        Chapter 20       


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