The gardens of Aeoliah        Chapter 7       

Chapter 7

Algenio's memories

Time had flown slowly on the sweet Aeoliah, and the new Eolis consolidated their happiness. Nellio began to assist Alambo in the delicate artistic painting. Aurora became a virtuoso of weaving, among a beautiful team: Elora, Elnadjine, the enthraling Sondouneou and his brunette companion Tzilnia-Linia, magician of embroidery, as well as Selina and Selinao, suns of serenity.

Algenio and Liouna were still cultivating with Anthelm, when the latter was not studying. Liouna had found her vocation of helping the worlds in training, but at this point she only studied Anthelm's scroll, without thinking to be able to actually take part in the short term. And then she was not in a hurry, the discrete Liouna. She knew, she had first to live her life on the sweet Aeoliah, and fully enjoy her happiness. Everything comes in its time. She was a small and discreet Eoline, silent, always helpful and active. How could she imagine that soon would come the time for using the prodigious talents she was the unknowing holder?

Indeed, if most of the Eolis have memories, or at least an idea of their past existence before taking birth on Aeoliah, for Algenio and Liouna it was a total darkness. This spared them any feeling of strangeness, as experienced by the others while discovering the bodily life. The only indication available to them came from the mother of Algenio, Murlya. Murlya was a tall Eoline with long pale gold hair held by a small light green band of the same colour as her soft eyes. She always was dressed in pastel purple. She looked immaterial. Discreet, seldom speaking, extremely gentle and considerate, she used to work silently to all the small tasks in an Eoli village, and to the cultivation of a kind of Eoline blueberry, the murline. She madly loved her companion Omron, an Eoli as silent as hard on work, always a pick in hand, wearing brown hair, dressed in a purplish violet with curious golden embroidery. Murlya and Omron were much loved in the village, for their kind discretion and gentle presence, manifested by so many good services rendered. They were the deep Aeoliah, serene and balanced, strong and quiet as the rock, spiritual as the halo of the Sun.

Unlike the other parents, who often like to tell to all their friends what they feel about their future child, Murlya and Omron remained very secretive. This silence had been accounted on their natural discretion, and nobody had paid any attention. It sometimes happened that prospective parents received the visit Adenankar, or another Gardener of the Souls, for some advice or spiritual help. So nobody saw any mystery in these long nocturnal secret meetings whispered in the little round house of Omron and Murlya, shortly before the conception of Algenio, and which ended in the obscure hour by a stealth silhouette slipping toward the forest. Murlya just once suggested to Algenio that he already had personal experiences on another planet, but she went silent immediately, leaving the kid on his curiosity. The parents of Liouna proved even more enigmatic, and the only clue to her true spiritual identity was the deep resonance awakened in her heart by the scroll on the creation of the worlds. What was it meaning? But Anthelm did not requested other scrolls of this kind. Liouna did not dared to ask anybody about her past, nor about her vocation. Anyway, lost in all its exciting activities of the village, she was not thinking often at all this. But she was sometimes feeling some nostalgia, the only negative feeling the eoli brain can vaguely feel sometimes. Liouna took patience, sensing that the revelation would come in time. Liouna and Algenio were also almost the only ones unable to leave their body, and this was a bit frustrating. But they could still dream very well, asleep or awake.

Another part of the mystery were the visits of Adenankar to Algenio, away from the village, where he was sitting behind him, his hands immobile, almost touching his back or other parts of his body. Algenio was not speaking easily of this, just to say that the hands of Adenankar made him a lot of good. Liouna easily noticed that after these meetings, he was more enthusiastic for the activities of daily life, and more tender with her.

But all these details had basically nothing extraordinary: it happened sometimes that the moving masterpiece of the incarnation of an Eoli required some adjustment or personal adaptation. This was the usual work of the Gardeners of the Souls, who performed it quite well, without any need to talk about it outside of the families.


Yet came the moment where Algenio started to remember. It was extremely strange. The first time, it was in the dark hour, in the heart of the Aeolian night, when the ring is in the shadow of the planet and the lights flowers are off; only on the evening mountain was still watching the reassuring red semaphore, quieter at this late hour, as if its mysterious guardians were somewhat sleepy too. A last late cricket was stridulating intermittently, alone in the Great Silence of the night, and the stars shone all their lights, with no more ring to dim them. The room of Algenio and Liouna was completely dark, only the window formed a slightly luminescent oval, twinkling gently. (The Eolis sometimes admire this poetic swarming of the dim light, that the human eye can perceive too, by paying special attention to it, without accommodating on the window. This is a tangible demonstration, without instruments, of the quantum nature of light, of which we see the grain of photons). Algenio was half awake, as often the Eolis at night. In the big round bed, Liouna was sleping beside him, naked on the purple cloth, nestled among a mass of soft pillows, shawls and sweet clothes; the scent of her superb body filled the tiny room of its warm presence.

Algenio let himself lie on the back, feeling weird. And this image projected itself in his ante-memory. He was with a body similar to that of the Eolis, but without wings. This body would be a giant, because grass and flowers came only to his knees. The landscape was beautiful as on Aeoliah, with myriads of flowers, trees and rolling hills. Birds were singing and a creek was gurgling, somewhat below the path he was following in his other giant body: only familiar things so far. But Algenio, instead of soaking up his soul with all this beauty, instaed of being happy, moved to tears by this fantastic poetic energy, was FEELING NOTHING. He gave no attention to the sweet scent of marjoram, or the bitterness of the burdock. Brown flowers of plantain and delicate stalks of wild oat whipped a completely insensitive calf, the warmth of the earth suffused with sun awoke no sensual emotion to the bare foot. At the time where the scene actually occurred in the past, he did not even noticed this void of sensation, but now as an Eoli, this void was standing out with an extreme acuity, as an enormous incongruity. It was the same discomfort that we feel after one of these incomprehensible dreams which overwhelm us some nights, with absurd scenes accompanied by unknown but indefinably unpleasant feelings...

This vision disappeared, leaving Algenio stunned. He had no word in the Aeolian language to name this inconceivable state. How could you not get saturated through all your skin pores with the caress of the gentle summer breeze, the buzz of the bumblebee, the sovereign vibrations of the Sun in the immensely blue sky, with the heady fragrance of the herbs under the feet, of their voluptuous brushing on bare legs? This was making no sense. Everything in the universe vibrates, loves and shudders, the stars, the living beings, the air, the sea, and even the rocks in their grave way.

Algenio remained thoughtful for long, seeking in vain to what pertained this enigmatic flashback. Then he snuggled against sleeping Liouna, in the warmth and scent of her body, pulled on them a woolly cotton shawls, and eventually found sleep.


The next day he could speak of this vision to nobody, but he was very troubled. He was only half interested in work, and Liouna easily noticed that it was time for Adenankar to come. He came, in the afternoon, and as usual, he took Algenio away. But this time Liouna followed. Adenankar turned himself toward her, with a serious look which meant: «do you really want to know?» She hesitated, then did again a step. Adenankar then resumed his walk, and all three found themselves together in the place where the ceremony of Algenio used to be. It was a nice mossy corner, sloping, at the bottom of the village, on the road to the moss beach where the new Eolis discovered love. We could hear the clear creek, and by time crystalline laughters or happy flops of wings in the fresh water. This mossy nook was surrounded by a bush with thin and compact foliage, crowned with fragrant clusters of tiny purple flowers full of colourful hummingbirds. Behind, a tribe of Eoli ducks were quacking happily, frolicking in the grass.

Algenio sat down, somewhat limp, in a hollow that with time he had printed in the moss, and Adenankar began to move his hands along his back, sometimes changing, or shaking them on the side, as for draining them. He seemed to pay no attention to Liouna. Nothing exterior indicated what these gestures were meaning, so that she began meditating to feel from inside. First she captured the rich Benevolence of the Soul Gardener, then the Trust and Gratitude of her beloved Algenio. But in his heart was a small grey patch, an absolutely incongruous colour in the heart of an Eoli. Liouna then examined the spiritual body of Algenio, as she already did many times. Usually it appeared to her as a series of blurry lights of different colours: the energy centres that on Earth we call Chakras, which exchange bursts of dancing light: life. However, this day, some of the Chakras appeared veiled, leaking their energy, and their influx dragged along the way. The expert hands of Adenankar attracted the light, gathering it there, or moving it elsewhere; and little by little the Chakras were finding back their brilliance. From time to time Algenio startled, as surprised, or he sighed. Adenankar was doing his meticulous work methodically, passionately, without any unnecessary gesture. When he had finished, Algenio had regained all his brilliance, like the blue sky after the rain.

Liouna reopened her eyes, to see her Algenio recover swiftly, and come to kiss her tenderly, completely healed. Adenankar had a broad smile for Liouna, and he came to her, cherishing her short dark hair, while Algenio was holding her hand. Liouna had a big happy sigh, because these are gestures of warm friendship for the Eolis, even if they do them often.

Still without a word, all three returned on the road to the village, in a file, Adenankar following. Arrived at the edge of the village, he left gently, with a last smile.

Liouna stood before Algenio, placing her hands on his chest, and interrogated him with her eyes. But he answered nothing. Liouna then folded her hands on her own chest. Algenio was moved by the sweet confidence which lit up her face.

Hand in hand, they returned to the centre of the village, among the other Eolis.


Algenio's reminiscences started to occur sporadically, every two or three months. He was less affected than the first time. They first brought nothing new. But after some years, they became more frequent and more accurate. He saw again several times the mysterious scene of the walker absent of himself, with variants, additional details, that sometimes he recovered in broad day, when he was questioning himself about it. Then other scenes emerged in turn from the grey mist of oblivion, which interpretation appeared more nuanced, more familiar. Quite obviously, Algenio was recovering memories of one of his past lives, which would be rather ordinary, except for its fantastic nature, on a strange planet.

It would be too long to describe it by disordered episodes, such that it reappeared to Algenio, over the years. When he finally decided to talk to Liouna, he could tell her a coherent, although incredible story.

Algenio told her that this happened fairly recently, on another planet similar to Aeoliah, except that the bodies were much larger, more stocky and without wings. These people were Humans, very close of the Eolis and a widespread race among the friendly planets of Aeoliah: the young Eolis had seen images of them on the school scrolls. The Humans on Algenio's planet had light brown skin, like the bark of certain trees, while their hair and their beards were black and matte. They lived in an idyllic landscape of greenery and flowers, lavender and clear rocks, in round houses made of stones, branches and thatch. They used bronze tools that they melted with fire, and cultivated herbs of which they harvested the seeds. They ground them and cooked them on the fire. The Eolis knew the existence of fire and cooking, but without using them. This village was full of children: the life of the inhabitants had to be surprisingly short, about fifty years for the elderly. All this would be very charming, but the unthinkable began just after.

The former Algenio, just as any of the other inhabitants of his village of his former planet, seemed insensitive to the thousand pleasures of life, the beauty of flowers, sunsets, cute small lives of nature, any even more to the joy of the body or mind in activity. They seemed to ignore what makes the very fabric of happiness, without which the human condition is only a vain and hopeless tragedy: the infinite richness, the depth, the incomparable warmth of the relationship between conscious beings, between human beings... Only vaguely, at times, he could taste the pure and honest joy of helping, giving love or recognition, or to receive it, or the pleasure of being together, contemplating the same things, sharing the same hopes. Even the simple pleasure of existing seemed foreign to them... It would be wrong to say that they were totally insensitive; they were even looking for this somewhere in the heart of themselves; Algenio, on the end of his incarnation, could get there, at the cost of some training. But the thought of his companions was blurred by violent emotions, impenetrable and yet familiar to Algenio, which were like black clouds obscuring the light of life. From these off-unit emotions were born ideas, words and acts which embroiled the fabric of life, disturbing the essential exchange of love, tarnished the joy of being together... And much, much worse things, that Algenio hesitated to tell to Liouna. But he had to go all the way now that he had started.

The Eolis know what is harmony, they even study it assiduously, from their early childhood, at school, in their activities, during their meditations or their daydreaming. This is actually one of the major purposes of their existence. They detail the most secret laws, and apply them in all the areas. Their daily life in its every detail is suffused with harmony, beauty, poetry, they constantly have in mind a passionate search for perfection, balanced only by their impulsive and whimsical humour. You would not find in the Eolis world a single scroll on economy, but more scrolls on harmony that there are economic problems on Earth. In such an awareness of all instants, they know perfectly well that certain gestures, some associations of colours for example, oppose the harmony or poetry. It is certainly possible to somewhat move away from the ideal line, too purely intellectual: this is even the very dance, the beat of life, its passionate vibration. A flower is never totally symmetric, a note of a song has a tremolo and it arises around the mathematically exact frequency. But there are limits not to exceed; only the humor can tickle these limits but without ever falling beyond. The Eolis, and Algenio as well, know very well that if we pass these limits, adverse things happen which should never happen. So, full of goodwill, they never pass them, they even not have any idea of doing so, no more than us friend reader, would have the idea of driving our car beyond the shoulder of the road, to see what is an accident. Even if we sometimes have to squeeze to the left or to the right, or even to swerve for fun, we are all irrevocably convinced that the hug of the plane tree is not interesting, and so we never try to pass the shoulder, and any idea of trying would appear to us crazy, disturbing, symptom of serious sickness. The Eolis, them, fundamentally know that the inharmony is a very poor experience of life! Never they cross the shoulder of the road!

Knowing this, we guess the violence of the feelings which overwhelm Algenio in Eoli, discovering that in his former life, his companions, and him also, were crossing thousand times per day the shoulder, the limits of Harmony, as of something unimportant, apparently not aware of getting daily the terrible consequences: suffering, conflict, hatred, boredom, misery, despair! As if on Earth, drivers of cars made fun off the road and bumping into trees without understanding why they would be injured, and if they did it again as soon as they could drive again! Fortunately the eoli brain of Algenio was not capturing all these negative feelings, but it translated them all together in a feeling of extreme strangeness, of incongruity, of mercy, and, in the case of Algenio, by a great disorder of his not yet consolidated spiritual body.

By lack of disinterested assistance, the former companions of Algenio imposed themselves a competition which resulted in misery and sometimes cruel deprivations; by lack of harmony between people, of the most basic attention to others, some of them were unhappy all along their life, and none knew a true happiness; some seemed to completely ignore poetry; some seemed to pay some attention, but as an accessory: they attached flowers to the stubble of their roofs, without worrying to see them blackened by smoke. Women wore beautiful ornaments of bronze or shells, on clothes that they did not washed frequently; garbage was accumulating near the houses, just hidden by a small hedge of intertwined branches... Well, despite these details, the scene was not really ugly, it would even seem charming to some tourists in lack of nature, but for an Eoli such a lack of research of harmony does not need to lead to disasters to be deeply shocking.

During his former life, this condition first appeared normal to Algenio; but he gradually became aware of the lack, starting in his inner thought. He began to train to better capture, to better integrate with nature, better centre in the real life, not to miss it. It was quite easy, as at this time of his former life he was young, he was just married to a sweet companion, and they loved each other dearly. With young friends of his age they were a cheerful and carefree bunch, without alcohol to disfigure their youthful camaraderie. Logically, he began to offer in sharing his exciting discoveries to his companions, just as he was full heartedly offering the delicious strawberries and cherries he picked up during the long sessions of community gathering.

He spoke first to his companion, showing her the beauties that he was exploring. At first she was happy of these wonderful discoveries, and she also began to train. The same thing happened with two or three close friends of his age. But when he began to talk to more people, totally incomprehensible things happened.

Some began to laugh; he first shared with good heart this laughter with them, because he was never the last for some fun! But quickly these laughs put the human Algenio very uncomfortable.

To fully understand the feelings of the eoli Algenio, we need to know that the Eolis also apply Harmony in action. Even when they have different ideas, they are never contradictory, because their thoughts are always fully in agreement with the major Universal Laws of life: Love, mutual aid, Harmony. Thus the Eolis, in their collective decisions, always arrive quickly to a consensus pleasant for all, as we saw at the occasion of the construction of Aurora' spinning workshop: to make others adopt their point of view is never of a vital importance, since the other points are as much carriers of happiness. Anyway each Eoli of Aeoliah is totally free to do what he wants and to lead his life as he sees fit, as long as it is consistent with the Universal Laws of life and Harmony. Without this common respect for the Universal Laws, it is totally useless to expect any agreement in groups, without denials or compromise, since the vital interests themselves can become contradictory.

This is how a perfect Happiness and absolute Peace, completely free of any conflict or compromise, and even of any competition, can rule indefinitely on any planet where these Universal Laws are loved and embodied. It is thanks to the Universal Laws of life that the Eolis can trust and encourage each other without any restrictions in their different choices; an Eoli who takes a decision or initiative is from this simple fact approved, loved and helped in his choice by the whole community.

A thing which of course quickly becomes impossible to achieve, as soon as the slightest egoistic thought taints the pure inspiration of the Universal Laws of life.

This is the real secret which allows the Eolis to always wonderfully agree among themselves, beyond the more subtle communication techniques. During the construction of Aurora's spinning workshop, we saw what fineness and precision can reach the communication between Eolis; yet it would be totally ineffective if they had no common basis to agree together, beyond any opinion, belief, prejudice, ideology, system... Not that these systems of thought are all fundamentally bad, but they are artificial, arbitrary constructs: here, on Earth, each has his own, and can agree with others only if they have the same, which, outside of very specialized groups, is extremely improbable. So, why to keep the burden of such systems, if they give only disputes? It is infinitely better to stick to what is, to what is given by life, what actually exists, whatever it is.


This is really how Aeoliah remains a paradise where peace reigns forever, whatever happens, and this in total freedom.


To speak our current human language, the initiative of the former Algenio met the idiotic refusal of novelty, one of the worse plague which blocks the emancipation of the Humans. So, he was rejected by his village, which started a conflict with him. Algenio lost his friends and even his companion who abandoned him without a shadow of a doubt, in order to remain in agreement with the clan. He fled into the forest, where it could develop further his ideals, but the grief and the harsh living conditions soon brought the ruin of his physical body and the end of his life. This beautiful story would be so sad, if we did not knew that Algenio, triumphant over stupidity, misery, suffering, and even over death, was thousand times rewarded of his idealism by being reborn on the beautiful Aeoliah with a sweet companion... who will never betray him, this one.

The behaviour of the companions of the former Algenio, if it seems unfortunately very familiar to us, friends readers, was totally absurd, incoherent and devoid of any meaning to the eyes of an Eoli. It is as if, for us, we discarded food and destroyed our houses, without understanding why we suffer from cold and hunger after. Ah, if his friends had listened Algenio, probably they would have become these founding elders of civilization celebrated for millennia and millennia...

These visions much disturbed Algenio, hence the grey spot in his heart, and the darkening of his spiritual body. Without the help of Adenankar, he probably could not stay alive. He could finally get along, by choosing among the strange feelings which moved his heart, a kind of sorry Compassion for the unfortunate creatures of his former village...


Algenio had nothing else to say now. The pink light flower began to decline, and the violet shadows of the night to creep on the pastel walls of their room. Liouna, sitting in lotus beside Algenio, on their purple bed, looked seriously at him. She had listened without almost saying anything, and now she was meditating. Algenio contemplated the familiar objects as if he was seeing them for the first time: the frills where they liked to snuggle, to sleep or to love, the two half nut shells, covered with a large corolla, which are used to keep a bit of dew to wash in the morning; their large hats and their robes folded at the foot of the round wall of their bare and very simple room.

Friends readers, you see, we could fear that the Eolis were superficial creatures, happy of a fake happiness away from the real problems. Not at all. The Eolis are profound, responsible and courageous; their happiness, and their paradise, they built it with their own hands, and won it by their uncompromising respect for the Universal Laws. The Eolis never mock. Love is the first of the Universal Laws, it is so true that when an Eoli loves, the universe just has to follow. The Eolis are wonderful creatures of goodness and love, and I sincerely wish you to meet someday such beings, friend reader.

The small Liouna, the discreet Eoline working at the humble tasks of the fields, the very new Eoline who does not speak often, do you know what she said? Liouna, after a moment of meditation, reopened her eyes, and, for the former companions of Algenio with such a strange behaviour, she had only three words, but so touching:


«How to help?»


We heard the Great Silence of the night stretching its ear.

Then Liouna laid down for sleep. The beautiful planet Aeoliah continued its race, gleaming with light and splendour, among the stars in the infinite, sweetly cradled by the eternal and crystalline music of the spheres.



Algenio was never anymore sick, even when later still uglier memories emerged. Who healed him? The quiet look of Liouna, or her sweet words? Several days passed quietly after he told everything to her. As always, there was a resplendent Sun; life was the wonder of every moment, among the flowers and in the work in the fields. If the incredible visions of Nellio could plunge him into an abyss of perplexity, they no longer had the power to disturb his daily happiness.

There was a great crop of yellow pollen, and Algenio went with Liouna to help Nellio and Aurora, with also Anthelm and Elnadjine, Elsignor and Elsigna, all the new Eolis. They had to go early in the morning, as they used dew to wet a stick and agglutinate the pollen, which was then gathered in small bamboo buckets hanging from their neck, to dry it in the afternoon. The new eight Eolis found themselves together, what they liked because it reminded them of their first loves and all the delights of their childhood.

The flowers of which they were harvesting the pollen were kind of crocuses, with deep cup shaped corollas, white with mauve veins, high up to the chest of the Eolis. At the bottom of the cup, were intensely yellow stamens in a star pattern, and a pale green pistil, moist with nectar. The crocus field was large enough (three square metres!) and you could see only corollas tight against each other, with the Eolis protruding here and there, with their hats looking as if they were another kind of flowers scattered in the crocuses. Around this field, away from the centre of the village but with still a few scattered houses, extended a plate of thick foam, other large plants forming hedges, and a bunch of big red flowers. Behind the hedge, other Eolis were laughing while working at who knows what. The new Eolis also began to joke, their free laughter in turn tinkled in the air, which caused the other hidden Eolis to laugh even more. In no time it was a contest of unquenchable laughing bursts! And then, do not repeat, with the other end of their stick, they used to catch the pollen at the bottom of the corollas, and the Eolis, do you know, all moved in sweet perfume, gathered a bit of nectar on the pistil, spread pollen on it, and sucked the whole: this is delicious, a treat that they love so much...


But the sudden healing of Algenio, no more than his illness, had gone unnoticed. Most of the Eolis in the village distinctly saw or felt the vibrations of their friends; all had noticed Algenio's growing unease, and his sudden recovery. Almost all saw the gray spot in his heart disappear, as easily as Earthlings notice a change of clothes. Several also felt a subtle difference in his companion Liouna, following the healing of Algenio. But nobody asked question: thus, the Eolis are very discrete. And then, if one had questions to ask, it was Algenio! Without doubt, the others knew more than him...

But there was something else still. It was a feeling of an imminent event. Probably Algenio and Liouna felt it also. It was as if an invisible and inaudible tamtam was continuously beating the recalling of the energies; the members of the village who left for travels gradually returned, and also the friends of other nearby villages came to gather. The village swelled to almost the double of its normal population, and they had to accommodate all these guests at home, in tents or in bird nests all around.

It occurred a few days later, at noon. Two or three words were circulating. Everyone felt concerned and came upon the meeting place, where are also held the midday meal.

The midday lunch, for the Eolis, is an opportunity for gathering, joint celebration, or meetings. It is very lively, and they discuss and laugh a lot! At the centre are gathered fruits and mushrooms, on a bed of leaves for cleanliness. Eolines are enthusiastically cutting slices, or pouring juice in cups; There are also nut shells filled with dew, and in the middle, always, the light-flowers, which, of course, do not shine in sunlight: they are recharging. In a cheerful animation, forming colourful queues, everyone will serve himself, serve again, and serve again and again, and then return to the small group of friends with a slice of fruit or a cup of bamboo that he filled directly with dipping it in water or fruit juice. (There are no contagious diseases on Aeoliah, so that its inhabitants feel no disgust at their mutual contact, and do not have to follow as many rules of hygiene as us). Some go a little further to enjoy their slice of pineapple, in a quieter place, and we see some who, do not repeat, make reserves.

But some days, everyone remains on the place: they do a feast together, and even sometimes a space near the centre is left free for a special show (this is rare, because the Eolis much prefer the big games in which everyone is involved, rather than the role of passive viewer). This is what happened this day. The new Eolis gathered in some corner, with the feeling that what was going to happen was about them. Especially Liouna and Aurora were sitting side by side, shoulder to shoulder, a common gesture of affection among friends Eolis or Eolines.

There was a silence in the direction of the forest, and they all looked here. Adenankar just went out of one of the natural pink cistus arbours leading to his home, followed by a line of six Eolis and Eolines that the new Eolis did not knew. Adenankar sometimes came to the midday meal, usually through the air, sometimes in the company of strangers. He spoke to such and such, ate and moved again with some provisions for his mysterious companion Milareva, that the new Eolis never saw. But today their solemn walk and the powerful aura of this slow procession quickly stopped all the discussions. Two of the six unknown Eolis were dressed like those of the village, and they even did some discrete greetings to friends. Two others were Eolis of the mountains, dressed in dry flower petals, the last two finally also wore these waterproof coloured petals clothes that the Eolis use for distant travel. They followed Adenankar in a procession, wearing ribbons or scarves, sign of great solemnity. The crowd had to let them pass, and they came to the central empty space. The new Eolis saw Algenio's and Liouna's parents join their children, as if all this had been agreed in advance. Especially Omron and Murlya, the parents of Algenio, sat behind him, and made themselves discreet as usual. Without they knew why, the new Eolis felt their hearts beat...

Adenankar remained standing, head bowed, before his sitting companions. He began his speech with a long silence. The meal was suspended. (Friend reader, do as if you were there: wait a bit before reading, and pose your snack...)

Then he raised his gaze to Algenio, and he smiled gently.

«Friend Algenio?

- ... »

Flabbergasted, the Algenio, to see all this pump just for him.

«Are you happy to live on our planet?»

Algenio was terribly confused. So Adenankar knew; he always knew everything this Adenankar. Sure also that others in the village knew. And his parents also, then. They probably knew more than himself was able to remember. The whole village and friends of the village, and Adenankar and strangers were watching at him, with this so sweet, naively charming smile of the Eolis and Eolines, with a great kindness and also a little whatsit which makes laugh. Behind his back he was also feeling the quiet look, like the rock, of his father Omron, and the limpid and fresh look from his sweet mother Murlya. His nice companion Liouna, seating to his right, radiated an unwavering confidence, despite her eyes widened by a prodigious astonishment. Beside her, Aurora and Nellio, staring at the foam in front of them, approved. At his left the sage Anthelm was radiating, and Elnadjine turned her head toward him, tenderly rejecting back her splendid cream coloured fuzzy hairs. Then it was too, too much happiness for Algenio who collapsed in tears. He wept with joy, Algenio, on the breast of his beloved, in the arms of his mother and his father, among all his known and unknown friends who watched him, saturated with all these delicious vibrations to him delivered by those who already knew, and also by those who were waiting to know.

When he had finished, after a time which seemed very long, he raised his face again toward Adenankar who had not moved.

«Then you are happy.»

The statement of such an evidence made everybody laugh!

Adenankar then spoke lengthily.

«Sometimes, the embodiment of a new Eoli needs some adjustments or care, as for the transplanting of a delicate plant.»

There was an approving murmur; anyway the meal had discreetly took back its course, without disrupting the sustained attention of the Eolis to the important words of Adenankar.

«For Algenio, it was especially difficult. It is likely that without your dedicated help from all of you, and without your daily meditations, Algenio could not remain among us.»

Algenio was again sunk in emotion. Moved by all this discreet and wonderful dedication, that he had even not suspected, he was not thinking at eating, him, and even not his friends. One of the unknown Eolis sitting behind Adenankar trumpeted, in a high pitched voice: «It is also thanks to you and your fantastic talents of healer.»

Adenankar leaned under the compliment. He was terribly modest, this Eoli. A bloke such as Adenankar, you throw him on Earth, he would bear aggressions and insults, slander and torture, without ever losing his wonderful smile, good as wholegrain bread. But the compliments and thanks disturbed him like a shy bride. So it is, his moving human side, which makes him so close of us, like a star coming to visit us in secret. He continued, a bit lower:

«But only the parents of Algenio and Liouna knew the exact truth, that it is now time to reveal to everybody. We chose this village to try something that we weren't at all sure to succeed: to assist in the integration of Algenio who comes from a world whose inhabitants do not know yet to live in harmony with the universal laws of life.»

A hubbub arose with this incredible statement. It was like a thunderclap. The elder Eolis said sometimes that there were such worlds, but most saw there only far stretched and inconceivable speculations, even mythical, perhaps only school stories to warn the young Eolis. So the reaction of the village was more of curiosity than of disgust for these strange experiences of off-unity life. It is that the Eolis of this village were ignoring their terrible price: suffering. The companions of Adenankar nodded seriously, except those of the mountain, wonderfully imperturbable.

Adenankar explained where Algenio was coming from, and what was happening on the exotic world where he lived... twenty-three years only! He used words that the new Eolis had never heard, such as disease, disharmony, misfortune, alienation, dis-reality, these negative words that we know well, we, poor us, on our Earth, but which he had to extensively explain the meaning to the new Eolis and to the ones of the village. At each new word, he turned his eyes towards them. The young Eolis had absolutely no experience of what these words were about, except Algenio of course. Stunned in their turn, Anthelm, Nellio, and especially Aurora asked questions, but Elnadjine just listened avidly.

Adenankar spoke first of the creation of the universe. The physical universe in which Aeoliah and the planet of Algenio existed had emerged from the Universal Source of Life, in a titanic explosion, with many others which arise constantly, but with different and generally more malleable laws of physics, for the harmonious spirits who receive them in share.

In this one, the spirit has limited power over the forms which exist, what we call the matter. This matter is somehow autonomous. It very little obeys the thought, but in return it enjoys a remarkable property: any phenomenon of this universe continues to exist even if we no more think about it. This is obvious, you may think, friends readers. Well not, actually, and it is even one of the most exciting mysteries of this universe. From this very inertia to the spiritual impulses, this matter, of which the physical bodies would be made, arose exciting problems: the bodies, instead of being simple pictures or clouds of energies, dreams easy to project or to change, these bodies would be mechanisms of an unprecedented complexity, where the weakness of life would be compensated by formidable amplifiers, regulating automation of a prodigious subtlety, built by self-organizing processes of a high mathematical level. What a wonder, at the service of happiness and life, when, after defeating all these obstacles, souls are able to enjoy harmony and bliss on one of the innumerable planets of this universe!

When a physical planet ends its life, its former occupants generally return in the planes of spiritual existence. But they bring back a force, a power, a consistency of being, that they could never acquire with evanescent and fade reveries, as beautiful as they were... This is, without doubt, one of the greatest benefits of the incarnation in the material worlds.

But on the other hand, there are sometimes problems, glitches.

Adenankar explained what had happened on the planet of Algenio, and which sometimes occurs on other planets where the evolution of the bodies is underway. The vast majority of the souls who live in these worlds in formation are juvenile souls. They still have only little soul force, with inconsistent, undifferentiated spiritual bodies. In addition they are in still imperfect physical bodies, immature psychisms, much too little sensitive to the charms of the real life. Their ability to maintain feelings and ideas under the direction of their soul does not yet manifests with enough force, not enough consistency. I do not repeat everything, friends readers, because some evil minds could seize these explanations to try to justify evil. But this was not, and in no way the purpose of Adenankar.

The final result, Adenankar had trouble painting the picture to his friends, but we do know it only too well: beginner musicians, with still uncertain taste, seizing untuned instruments, can give only a nice cacophony, what we call evil, cacophony of egocentric ideas and feelings, inconsistent and inharmonious, thundering noise of the psychisms waving aimlessly, everyone for oneself, beyond the control of the souls... These beginners problems would be more funny that really painful, but it happens sometimes that the potent native energies of these planets, not guided towards harmony by its inhabitants, are invested in wrong directions, creating terrible evil egregores able to pervert the juvenile souls and take control of them. These misguided souls begin in turn to feed the black egregore, which becomes incredibly powerful, locking the situation...

Normally this dangerous period passes quickly enough, without too much damage, thanks to the help of Gardeners of the Souls and other guides in the worlds of the spirit, whose role is, as we saw, to help the founding souls to create their worlds, and especially to ensure that these dangerous phenomena do not occur, or in any case do not exceed certain limits. Once this stage is passed, the planet and its inhabitants are strong enough to no more need any help, and they can soar free and live by themselves what they have projected, in all their fullness, without ever falling into any kind of evil. On Aeoliah, the problem was effectively avoided, because the founders were not juvenile souls; they allowed the incarnation of these inexperienced souls only once the bodies, the psyche and egregores were stabilized, and with great caution, since they never were more than one per thousandth of the population. It was yet the time where the Eolis were swarming on the different islands around which the continents would grow: this made that their population could grow only very slowly, at the rate of the ripening of the new souls. But they were waiting since half a billion years, so they were not going to mess up everything just to gain a few hundred thousand years! It is in this time that the Eolis developed the delicate art of Soul Gardening...


But on some planets, this phenomenon could not be mastered, and it took much more serious proportions, even to the point of creating suffering. The case of the planet of Algenio was strange, but in this story we do not stop building over stranger and stranger. Black egregores already existed here before the incarnation of humans, by the fault of monstrous animals who were equipped with claws and sharp teeth to steal the flesh of other animals. Thus they perverted any further evolution of the bodies themselves. The human souls incarnated on this world had not yet enough force to choose between Harmony and the suggestions of the off-unity egregores (off-unity can be said de-monos, in Greek...). Some even went to the point of squarely taking life against the grain, refused to recognize the truth, refused to recognize the sublime Universal Laws, refused to get overwhelmed by the beauty of the universe, refused to dive in it, to get lost in it and to find themselves finally. Why they refused? Maybe the Source of Life placed here souls who had already failed to accept the wonderful laws of life, in previous experiments, on other planets... to still offer them a chance to understand? Or just that they stop disturbing the other worlds?

This unique, simple cause to their suffering, manifested in a quantity in different ways, depending on whether these souls were afflicted benignly or deeply, or to which part of the truth that they specifically refused, or simply according to the personality that they had endorsed. The matter of this universe, due to its extraordinary property to exist and behave regardless of what we think of it, was an excellent instrument to help these disoriented souls to at least admit its own physical truth, which was the first step to humility and wisdom. The majority of the souls embodied on the planet of Algenio, only benignly hurt, would be able to heal and escape by themselves, at the condition however of finding enough strength of soul to get rid of the influence of the minority violently rebelled against life, or to escape by any means. On the other hand, for the souls rebel to life, their only hope was to one day understand that all their suffering was coming only from this refusal to play the game of life. And yet, for this they had to unscramble the multiple levels of illusions of the artificial world and illusory values they created, exactly like a stubborn goat who twisted her rope around its stake must agree to move back a number of times to reach the thistle she covets.

As the disease of the revolted souls is highly contagious, especially for the juvenile souls who are still missing discernment, the planets which host them are monitored with the most extreme severity: not a single one of their inhabitants will never, never, never leave them, without an irrefutable and impartial evidence of his total healing, should we need for this to spend the hundred billion years that the stars have to shine. Cosmic Justice is not an administration: bribe and preferential treatment are both impossible. It is that by no way evil must be let to spread throughout the universe and pollute the ineffable paradise of wisdom and love.


And here it is for you to learn: the planet of Algenio, friend readers, where he lived his strange past life, this planet populated with juvenile souls, or souls revolted against the harmony of the universe, was none other than our Earth. You expected it, I bet. Algenio lived there at the time that we call the Bronze Age, in a region of Europe that was not yet Yugoslavia, in one of these early agricultural villages that archaeologists discovered in the 1980s while giving them strange names.


Algenio, inexperienced but good willed soul, was easily healed, with the help of angels and spirits who tasked themselves into helping the souls in trouble. The problems he experienced on Aeoliah came from his spiritual body which was disturbed by his terrestrial ordeals. But at no time he doubted nor he let himself down, and this is what saved him at last. During his Earthly life, thanks to its persevering exercises of being present to the beauty of nature, he acquired a strong confidence in the Universal Source of life, and sensed the existence of the Universal Laws of life. His physical sufferings, due to hunger and cold when he left his village, could destroy this confidence, but his guardian angels saw that his ideal was not phoney: they enabled him to see a better world beyond death, in his dreams, and especially to join it soon: wanting to pick fruits from a high tree, he fell quite rightly of a rock, and thus left the Earth cleanly, without pain, in full consciousness. This ended the unnecessary suffering; the numbing cold and scurrilous hunger which inhabited his body since five years instantly disappeared, to make way for a wonderful chorus of benevolent souls who comforted him from his misfortunes, and guided him to a school in the world of the spirit. In a few years he caught up his lateness. Aeoliah was looking much like Earth, sharing the same deep vibrations. The teachers of the school in the world of the though contacted the Adenankar team, who asked Murlya and Omron to host Algenio. He entrusted them without complacency with the difficulty of their task, and he warned them duly of the serious risks they were taking for themselves. Not a second Murlya and Omron did hesitated or doubted. We know the continuation.


«And me?» Liouna blushed at once, from daring to ask such a question. But she could not be by chance the companion of Algenio.

Adenankar giggled kindly.

«It was dangerous that Algenio and you go strolling in the worlds of the spirit until Algenio was healed, and we had to take some precautions. But now you will gradually recover your faculties and your memories, and you will discover that you and me, we went to the same school of souls gardeners.»

There were flabbergasted exclamations: the small Liouna? Incredible! Liouna was now red, but red, that it is not possible. Aurora, leaned against her, leaped as electrified: her beloved friend: incredible! Elnadjine was stunned, speechless, but Anthelm slapped his thighs, hilarious: «Ha ha! I suspected it!» Liouna looked all around her: this was not possible, it was a joke. Adenankar joking sometimes, but not with such deep topics. Liouna crossed the quiet look of her smiling parents: they knew... and they never left anything appear.

When the comments stopped, the returning silence asked a question. Adenankar was immobile, his upper body leaning forward, seriously. The afternoon had advanced, and the sun was starting its descent towards the Evening Mountain. The fresh breeze which started, harbinger of rain, brought here the soft scent of the flowers-bowers and, at times, wisps of humidity from the torrent below Adenankar's house, where Nellio and Anthelm had been lost, long ago. The perfume, the Sun, the wind, were asking a question. Adenankar was waiting, and his friends too.

It was the small Liouna who, yet again, blushed to respond:


«We must help them.»


Adenankar straightened imperceptibly.

Liouna explained, as if it was needed to clarify:

«The others, the ones who stayed there.»


The silence was palpable. She added, rising suddenly, with a totally unexpected energy:


Our village will become a base for helping the Earthlings!»


The most respectuous silence greeted this saying, despite the large assembly. Birds and even the wind went silent. Adenankar shuddered, and then, him, the Great Sage, the highly evolved being, had a sob of happiness! He went to Liouna, muttering a few words for her, which will forever remain their secret. Some say they even saw Adenankar blushing a little. He squeezed her against his chest, cherishing her hair, eyes shut. A long and mild shudder went up from the depths of the planet, and the evening mountain vibrated with a flash of white light visible in daylight, a thing which never occurred from Eoli memory. Liouna abandoned herself completely, her head leaning back, into the arms of the Sage. Lengthtily the ground oscillated calmly, with a deep rumble, which made sway the relaxed heads and arms, then it gradually regained its stability.

When Adenankar and Liouna parted ways, the old gardener of souls had a few words for her, some of them reached the ears of their friends:

«... and yet, me, I remember very well, and I perfectly recognise you...»




Before closing this chapter, it should be noted that these gestures of Adenankar toward Liouna, as tender as they were, are not unusual between Eolis and Eolines of a different couple. The Eolis are like this. Their total loyalty in the couple gives them this freedom outside, without any risk of ambiguity. Anyway, for tenderness between an Eoline and an Eoli within a couple, it is otherwise, and there is no possible confusion.


Also, after seeing how the Eolis discuss in a group about any collective questions, it seems incredible that an eoline barely out of childhood could take alone such a serious decision which engaged the fate of hundreds, for thousands of years, without in any way asking them for their opinion.

It is that her intent was in agreement with the Universal Laws, including love and helping each other. She could therefore impede nobody, nor contradict. Anyway each Eoli or Eoline was totally free in fact to vibrate or not with Liouna's project. Those who would not take part would approve her anyway. For the question of who would participate and how, this was to be seen later. But it would be done, anyway.

This way of acting is even not in conflict with the powerful direct and immediate democracy of the Eolis. Their great capacity of communication and understanding even not have to come into play.

This is, as we saw, the secret of the deep and unwavering union of all the Eolis of Aeoliah. They all refer to the same Universal Laws of Life, the same ineffable paradigm of the universe. They do not make of their lives a «personal matter», in the narrowly egocentric meaning of this term. Their life, their person, is not an end in itself, but a means to resonate in unison with life, to vibrate with others, with the universe, to be marvelled... Free of what we would call «personal interest», vibrating with the same deep love of life, they always are consistent on the essentials, without even needing to communicate. This is what we call Communion, a deep state of agreement on a common basis, which has no need of any consultation or exchange of information, even not telepathic. Eolis and Eolines always agree on the general purposes, and discuss the implementation, the means. In this way, an eolis never has to renounce any of his aspirations.

For a bit of love, for a bit of good will, by respecting the «how-to» of life, and without even taking themselves seriously, the Eolis are wonderfully free, without any need of what we call «democracy» to guarantee this freedom... They are also incredibly united and effective in community, as we shall see.







The gardens of Aeoliah        Chapter 7       


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