The marvellous world of the Eolis

On a paradise planet, lives, loves and sings the gentle eoli people. To experience a perfect and eternal happiness does not prevent them to think that somewhere else, other beings are suffering. So they undertake something...

Richard Trigaux


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Two young eolis take birth on Aeoliah, and little by little discover the enchantment of living on this planet. But strange things take place in their village. Little by little, the new eolis understand that beings on other planets do not enjoy the same happiness than they do.

Thus, with the help of the elder sages, they undertake the soul first aid: to go, by though, to help the unhappy to understand the source of their sufferings. But, as soon as the first session, a dramatic accident throwns Aurora on the far Earth, where she has to recover alone...

We also and especially speak of love, activity, poetry, and of nature, of nature, of nature, on Aeoliah the marvellously pure and protected.

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© Dépôt Légal - Copyright Richard Trigaux 1986-1998-2018.


The second novel: Stranded on Earth

On Earth, a young woman wonders what is the meaning of life, and what she will do with her life. To consecrate herself to happiness and what produces it: Poetry, love, mutual aid? The more she find this simple and obvious, the more «one does not understand her»...

On Aeoliah, following the previous novel «The Gardens of Aeoliah», the Eolis still try to help their friend disappeared on Earth. But a much more important stake appears, which calls for the intervention of the mysterious Cosmic Guards...

This time we speak of means to understand life, to the use of basic Earthlings: Economy, spiritual basis, epistemology, poetry, ecology...

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© Dépôt Légal - Copyright Richard Trigaux 1986-1998-2018.





If novel is a good mean to convey explanations in a message, drawing and colors are better to convey the vibration, the warmth, the poetry. For this reason I also did comics.

First comic: Eolis And Eolines

At first rather designed for children, this story gained in depth, and it is now showing the life of the Eolis in the village, the gentleness and the poetry of their world. It is now complete.

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© Dépôt Légal - Copyright Richard Trigaux 1986-2006.


second comic: The Journeys of Nashtao and Veranlounia

This comic was inked in 1990. Since it awaits in a drawer, refused by all the editors in France. I think to put it on line along 2007.

Nashtao was an Earthling, who gained, from his idealism, the right to take rebirth on Aeoliah, with an angeline as companion. He dreams to visit Aeoliah... A wonderful journey awaits for them, starting with tropical islands...







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Virtual worlds (3D)

These virtual worlds were designed to offer an experience of immersion in a world of beauty and poetry. Made in 2002 in VRML, they are now hardly visible, because of the wantonly abandonment of VRML and less good versions of the Cortona viewer (!). This is how artists pay the cost for changing standards.

You must first Install a 3D browser (Vous pouvez aussi See my advices to visualise virtual worlds (3D)


Oies porteuses sur Aeoliah

On the back of a goose, like the Eolis when they travel, you will fly over the vast Telerion ocean and its paradise atolls.


The faragliones

The faraglione» is a group of lovely small islands where live Orlof and Izeline, and where take place the first adventure of «The travels of Nashtao and Veranlounia».


The eoli village

This village is the one where the two novels take place. You fly over the village and gaze at the surrounding landscape. At the time I did this scene, it was not possible to add all the details of such a landscape, so you will just fly over. You get first just above the meal place. Under you, yellow and pinkish pumpkin houses. At South (in front) the small glen with the brook. At West (right hand) the Evening Mountain (dark green). At East (left hand) the Dil Dezeïr (The double pink mountain visible here) and beyond the great plain. At North (behind) Irizdar (reddish mountains with cave entrances).

The Eolis were in Second Life...

I had build a small Aeolian landscape in Second Life... However, my financial situation, more the general degeneracy of Second Life (and of some of its occupiers) led me to remove this place... I hope I can rebuild it some day, thanks to new virtual worlds hosting services like the Halcyon system.

My name in virtual worlds is Yichard Muni, or Yichard.







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