Les jardins d'AéoliahThe gardens of Aeoliah        Chapter 11       

Chapter 11

Soul First Aid 2

The village could do nothing more for Aurora. It was impossible to obtain any clue or what had become of her, or what she was experiencing. There was no alternative but to continue to live like this. Adenankar could just learn that her body was on Uhluhlorah, while her soul was wandering on Earth, but this was all. The Eolis had no contact, no information, nor through Adenankar, who besides knew no more himself, neither by the Cosmic Guardians who did not returned. Nellio had been instructed to maintain the landing area in front of his pyramid, in case, but this «in case» may not occur before long. His pyramid was probably containing some sort of surveillance camera, which allowed the Cosmic Guardians to know what was going on, without troubling him with repeated appearances.

Nellio himself lived in a restricted consciousness, sleeping a lot, dreaming little: the transmutator in his pyramid produced a kind of partial anaesthesia, leaving him conscious, but without idle thoughts for his lost love. He worked few, or he suddenly launched himself headlong into a business. He improved a lot in Alambo's painting, and he began to create moving faces. In a way he concentrated here all his vital energy. The Eolis and especially the Eolines of the village multiplied the attentions toward him; they discreetly warned visitors of his condition, although in general they were warned intuitively before seeing him. But to exceptional circumstances, exceptional measures: the intuition of visitors could be taken by surprise by this abnormal situation, and they needed to avoid Nellio any questions or comments which could bring again his thoughts to Aurora.

In truth, the whole village, even if it quickly again become happy and merry like all the other Eolis villages, the village was feeling a deep compassion for Nellio, and they would never do too much for him, by lack of doing something for Aurora. Aside from that, nothing distinguished it from the other villages.

Aurora's spinning workshop continued. There was plenty other Eolines able to hold a weaving reed.

The new pumpkin of Aurora and Nellio remained empty. The latter gave it to Algenio and Liouna. Aurora disappeared, the friendship between the new Eolis tightened further around Nellio, who needed it so much. Algenio then began to repay a small portion of its debt. The word «debt» is of course totally unknown in the Eoli language, and nobody ever asked anything to Algenio. The act of love he had enjoyed was basically gratuitous. Otherwise it would not be an act of love. But things are like this for him, he felt obliged to reflect the Good he had received. The best of what he had learned on Earth, perhaps?

The most unpleasant for the Eolis, in this Aurora case, was to be condemned to be powerless, them so vivid, so active. But even if the Cosmic Guardians could do nothing...

A few years passed, where the situation became less critical for Nellio, and sterile regrets vanished. The Eolis are so fundamentally positive. They remembered, but without this impacting their mood or spirit anymore. At that time, Adenankar received a brief telepathic message from the Cosmic Guardians: they took the necessary measures to ensure that the situation with Aurora did not last too long. But what meant «too long» for the Cosmic Guardians?


The Soul First Aid continued, despite some hesitation or defections. The second sortie was far less dramatic than the first, although much longer: they were entrusted with the guidance of an old man, to allow him to cross death with serenity. It took several Earth days, during which they could talk to him several times. The first session was pretty epic: the guy defended himself, thinking he was assaulted by demons. Fortunately, his fanatical religion, if it could cauterize his intelligence, could not overcome his Sensitivity: he quickly realized that his invisible visitors were good people who came to help him in this serious moment. Certainly he already believed that death was not the nothingness, and that it led to another life, but he was nonetheless panicked, facing this scary mystery. In facts he had no idea of what really awaited him, and fear was overwhelming him. The Eolis, through cautious but necessary revelations, helped him to find peace, so that the transition took place in the most profitable terms for him. There also was a story of usurped inheritance. This, the guardian angels of the dying man, who had entrusted the Eolis with this mission, advised them not to get involved, but without forbidding them. But these sacred Eolis reflected in the earthly situation their passion for Harmony in a not less unbridled passion for justice. They found a way to support the old man's failing hand, to reinstate the truth. The abusive heir helplessly screamed his rage, but he found before him only a serene smile on the face of the dead!

The mission of the Eolis complete, the guardian angels of this man took up the charge in his new existence. They warmly congratulated the Eolis for the good they had done to him: without fear to dissipate, he could progress rapidly and be reborn, a thing he needed so much. They also congratulated the Eolis for their skill and their cohesion, but made no comments on the inheritance!

The Eolis, free, had the idea to visit Earth a bit. But they suddenly realized that more than ten days elapsed since their departure from Aeoliah! Why the lookouts had not pulled them back, as convened, before dawn? In which condition their bodies would be, abandoned for so long a time in the public place of the village? Were they still alive? Were they in turn victim of a terrible accident like Aurora did? Panic struck the group, except Liouna whose aura was sparkling with laughter! (It does that, in astral) Summoned to explain, she said, between two showers of colourful and whimsical sparks, that it was enough for them to visualise themselves in their bodies on Aeoliah, five minutes after they left. What they did with a mixed confidence.

The lookouts and meditators remaining on Aeoliah were astonished in turn, to see them come back so quickly! It was a great confusion, because each party was telling a story completely incompatible with the other. They needed a moment to figure out! What a boundless astonishment, facing such a manipulation of time, accomplished as by playing! But Adenankar and Liouna, in a corner, could no longer restrain themselves from laughing! They eventually burst before all the others, and the laughter became general when was told the story of the abusive heir. It was beings like that who, the Eolis do not forget, had done so much harm to Aurora. They carefully made no reference to the latter, but they allowed themselves to laugh so much, that they roused the neighbours of the place, intrigued by this unusual fuss inconsistent with meditation.

When Adenankar and Liouna had recovered, which took a moment, they were asked to explain this retraction of ten days, accomplished only by the action of thought, by quite ordinary beings without special powers. Liouna, who was not yet the discrete Eoline of everyday, became the speaker:

«Among the spiritual Universal Laws that you know well, such as the laws of Love, of Mutual Aid or Harmony, which govern the relationships between souls, there are some which govern the order of the manifested universe: the COSMIC laws. The main one is the law which says that the effect always follows the cause. This is what allows the creation to be consistent. It is valid in all the universes, in all the astral planes, and in all the states of consciousness. It regulates the flow of time in all the temporal universes, and ensures the cohesion of the timeless universes.

«In a physical universe as the one of Aeoliah and Earth, the thinking of the brain is a material process. It therefore occurs at a rate in relation with the basic material processes of neurons, chemicals, particles, all of them being kinds of natural clocks on which the soul has little control. A consciousness incarnated in a physical body, thinking and perceiving through the brain, is then forced to stick to the physical time. In the astral, physical matter is no longer involved, neither the perceptions of the brain. Only the life of the soul creates events, causes and effects, which follow one another in a certain order, but without defined time between them. The feeling of the passage of time is then only a matter of habit or imagination. Therefore we can compress time and watch the mountains grow, or extend it to freeze the bursting of a bubble, the advance of light... Just like we do with our imagination. We can even relinquish any feeling of time, and see the space-time as a complete whole, with all the events it contains. There is in the astral no defined or measurable duration, so that everyone can have his own.

«It also happens sometimes intermediate states, where the thought of the soul supersedes the one of the brain. We then are aware in our physical body, but with sensations of accelerated time, for example to guide us out of a danger, or in great moments of our lives.

«But the sequence of cause and effect itself is totally irreversible.

«So, it is possible, in astral, to speed up or slow down the time at will. But we can go back only as helpless spectator, since the causes of our present are already established. For the same reason, it is impossible to know the future, as long as it is not yet fully determined, that is, when it depends on free will choices still to be done. So, we can be warned of an imminent and inevitable Aeoliah shiver, but not know in advance the precise dates of distant eruptions.

«On Aeoliah, beings are close together, and they constantly interact with each other in an intertwined and inseparable net of causes and effects, so that the local astral traveller has to tightly hug the flow of the physical time, unable to accelerate or to slow down the flow of sensations. But for Earth, it is very far, we had with it only very few relationship, and only in astral. There not even is a physical communication, because even light cannot go fast enough: Earth is well beyond the cosmological horizon. Also, as we are not engaged in already established plays of causes and effects, it is possible to slightly shift into the past or into the future, while going or while returning, without disturbing anything. We shall often do this, especially in an emergency, because we cannot always gather in this place right when an Earthling needs help.»

A deep thoughtful silence greeted these words. The Soul First Aid was opening curious perspectives. The Eolis were, like all living beings, curious of the mysteries of nature, of the universe and of time. But Liouna's lesson had properly amazed them!


They had barely finished digesting these oddities that Adenankar took the place of Liouna. There were some laughter, as the good old Souls Gardener barely finished his rolling on the floor session, and he was still somewhat dishevelled. But, contrary to expectation, he took his grave look:

«We made in this sortie two mistakes which could have very serious consequences.»

A questioning hubbub filled the place. The Eolis looked at each other, especially those who went out. No one ventured to ask what were «very serious consequences»: they all knew only too well.

«Realign on pure Compassion and try to find out what was wrong. Those who were out, come tell me in my ear.»

The Eolis did it at once, even the neighbours who were not involved at all. They were very intrigued; only Liouna looked detached, gazing at the planetary ring, to the east, emerging from the shadow of the planet, like a golden ray of light which began to climb in the sky. After a moment of silence, the ones who took part in the sortie went up in turn, to whisper in the ear of Adenankar. The later answered them by «yes» or with some discrete comments. Finally Adenankar spoke again.

«What think those who joined us, without knowing the story?» There was hesitation, then Sondouneou, who lived near the square, on a rock, and was in charge of the musical instruments, said shyly:

«There was, how to say... like a disorder in the aura of your group, especially towards the centre, among those who went on Earth. Fortunately it dissipated while realigning ourselves on Benevolence.»

No comments were made, because everyone understood retrospectively by realigning on Serenity. Adenankar explained, however, as these important things had to be firmly implemented in the minds.

«Both errors revolve around this curious custom that Earthlings call heritage. You wanted to arrange a non-fair story; Liouna left you do, after discretely checking that this action would not entail any unpredictable adverse consequence. Because it may have.

«We must now remember another aspect of the law of cause and effect. Whenever a soul takes an initiative, or accomplishes a choice, it creates a cause. The point is that all the effects that this cause will produce, belong to the soul who created it. Although the first visible effects may appear to affect other souls, sooner or later the soul who provoked them sees them coming back to her. On Aeoliah this law is not well known. Indeed, since all our actions are in harmony with the Universal Laws, all the effects, all the consequences which we receive back later are also in harmony with the Universal Laws, so they always bring us joy and happiness, until saturation. So that we do not have to worry about this law!

«On Earth it is the same thing, but as the souls who live here make choices either in or outside the Universal Laws of Harmony, they reap the consequences in both cases, Happiness or suffering. So it is the authors of an act who will taste its consequences, just like when the days of enjoyment we make these succulent fruit salads: it is always the one who prepared them who taste them first, to possibly rectify and improve. This law is known to some Earthlings who call it law of karma. But many think they are exempt, or they understand in wrongly.

«So, it often happens a situation which immediately looks non-just, where an Earthling loses his wealth, for example, is actually a consequence of the law of karma, where the Earthling only tastes the non-good dish he once nurtured to another being. This is useful for him, because he learns to make himself the difference between what is in the Universal Laws, and what is outside. Between what brings happiness and what imposes suffering.

«Karma is engaged, not so much by the action itself, but by the fact of assimilating ourself to this action, to be attached to it, to make it «our» action. It is not engaged by a non-good action, but committed by mistake or under coercion or manipulation. Conversely it can be locked by the mere thought of a non-good action, even unrealized, if we know that it is not good.

«In situations like the one of the old Earthling and his heirs, his guardian angels advised you not to intervene, because you took the risk of making a mistake, a profound injustice, while thinking to do a superficial justice. What Earthlings call the law is a set of conventions that they invented and which randomly coincides with the real Justice. Especially this custom of inheritance matches nothing: Only love for mother Earth can decide who will take care of the portion of their planet which the dying person was what Earthlings call the owner (Adenankar struggled in the translation of these convoluted and abstruse concepts). Fortunately Liouna was able to check that in the case of these characters, the apparent justice of their laws and the actual spiritual justice coincided. Fortunately, because in case of an error... This is how, with grasping at non-good feelings and illusions and jumble of anything, that Aurora put her hand in the terrible spiral which was to throw her so low. It could have happened the same thing tonight, and with such a karma we would be unable to bring you back on Aeoliah ".

A shudder ran through the audience. Not so much was needed for the Eolis to rectify their mistakes with the greatest rigour. Adenankar was certainly exaggerating, but the risk was real. Liouna continued the speech, and it was very impressive to see this young Eoline talk with the same wisdom and gentle authority than the old Gardener of the Souls:

«Often we shall be tempted to intervene in the life of Earthlings whom we bring help. Without exactly knowing the deep fabric of this existence, we can not know with certainty whether the aid is appropriate, or if it is harmful. Our help will often be limited to give Sun, Hope, Peace, to heal the wounds. There is always a risk of error otherwise, and this is why our souls Aid school, the rule is to always act under the guidance of a gardener of souls, even when our training is completed.

«Indeed, in the Soul First Aid, where the main purpose is to assist the evolution of a soul, a clumsy interference can be ineffective, or even harmful, for example if it avoid the person to really solve her problem. An informed interference can, by changing a situation, promote understanding or development. Anyway, it must then be discreet, because if these fragile beings perceive an outside intervention, alien to their understanding, they can be severely troubled.

"Of course this applies to the Gardeners of the Souls. The people on Earth cannot know the karma of others. Under these conditions, for them, to intervene to protect the weak and the oppressed is a moral duty, because without really knowing what is going on, the one who suffer are presumed to be innocent victims. This can give Earthlings the authority to mingle in the affairs of others to restore justice. This is good.»

Liouna, with a seriousness and energy that few expected from her, continued: «The second error was different, but it could have serious consequences in the long run. It is when we returned, and we laughed at the face of the abusive heir, who saw the product of his diversion flee away in minutes, while he was preparing it since twenty years. Sometimes laughter and jokes come to tickle the limits set by the Divine Law of Benevolence, but they should never exceed them. And tonight they exceeded them: this is what Earthlings call mocking. We should instead feel for this poor man lost in evil an intense Compassion, more intense than for his victim. This human in evil may languish in darkness and misfortune for far longer than his brave victim.

«Why did we exceeded the limits of Compassion? Why have we forgotten Compassion? Just because we brought back with us after this long stay, a little bit of this black egregore which overwhelms Earth. This is why Sondouneou felt a trouble. Oh little, it does not matter, and it quickly dissipated. But if we are not careful, the powerful guardian angels of Aeoliah would end up one day to forbid us to return, to keep us from contaminating our own planet. Already tonight they were making funny faces at us. NEVER FORGET for everything related to Earth, that our sense of danger is not absolute, and it can play tricks on us. As soon as one is stained by the black egregore, this sense may have blanks, or even not work at all, without anyone noticing. Just to lightly mock as we did earlier, we could not be aware of a simple fruit fall and be injured. For everything related to Earth, we can really rely each only on our own thoughtfulness, and on the strict respect of the Cosmic Laws».

For these fragments of aura, again Liouna was exaggerating, but there was still a very real risk to see them building up in the village, and lead to disastrous consequences.


After this, Adenankar requested them to engage into an alignment and purification meditation, which lasted until dawn. The Soul First Aid workers, electrified by the dense and harmonious energy of the little Liouna, all engaged very seriously in this work. So it is: these fundamentally free creatures are perfectly able to walk all together with the most uncompromising discipline, if this is necessary to achieve the purpose they had chosen.

Sondouneou and the other Eolis who only came to see why they laughed so much, departed well before, noting that decidedly the Soul Gardeners were not laughing.

The next day at dawn, Liouna was found still asleep, looking small in her cover, on the place of the meals. She opened her eyes, surprised to be there. She had become again the quiet and shy little Eoline...


After these incidents, Liouna wanted to wait for several months of training, before attempting another travel. They were now having regular meetings, one about every fifteen days. A storyteller described situations implausible at will, and they had prepared a number of sometimes complex sketches, ready to be played in the instant, at need, to deal with any situation. As an organization, it was like training in some team sports: a word of the captain immediately sees each member take a different position or perform a specific action. But it was here spiritual actions: invoke a virtue, help somebody, align on a vibration or a source of knowledge ...

But in training, everything was always going perfectly. They had to rub to real situations. So they came out again sooner than expected.

This time the work which was allotted to them was much more representative of what would be their usual activity now. They had proven themselves in the storm, now they had to do it in the routine, which is not necessarily easier.

We were given not one, but three simultaneous shifts, for approximately fifteen days, for three Earthlings. These three were at a stage where the change begins to happen at a tangible speed, so that they were regularly monitored by their personal guardian angels and volunteers who took turns as the Eolis did.

There happened nothing bad or even notable during this period. The Eolis could train, in astral, to compress their perception of time. This was difficult for them, at first, so deep the habit is ingrained. But they had to go through this, because two weeks watching someone eat, work, sleep and so on, it is not exciting. To compress the useless time was so convenient, and all the guardian angels and First Aid workers do that. Fortunately there also were interesting times!


The first Earthling was a young peasant, a serf, a slave in short, of some of these primitive lords who ruled this tough Carolingian Europe. This master was hard, but not as much as the precarious life conditions. Fortunately these miserable serfs could hardly imagine the world otherwise, from where this apparent paradox to see them enjoy a relative happiness. The one entrusted to the Eolis was in a critical period of awakening of Sensitivity. In this time this admirable Virtue exposed its blessed possessor to serious dangers. So it had to develop, but without causing a revolt, dedicated to the most savage repression in this hard world. In short, the young serf was in cotton, like a fragile shoot. Paradox again, they had to avoid the Earthling to actually see some things, while his growing sensitivity especially designated these things to his attention. For example this slaughtered rabbit hung outside the door, a scene which today would upset any normal European. The Eolis had not the power to physically intervene to prevent these horrors. They still tried to divert the mind of the murderer, but he had so rigid a mind that it was like trying to deflect by hand a powerful locomotive from its steel rails. Fortunately they were able to take care of the rabbit during his transition. The Eolis do not differentiate between the external forms of life: they are still souls, more or less simple, more or less childish, taking the forms they like: free bird, silky rabbit, human full of questions.

Their second protected was a woman, also serve, a thousand kilometres away, already mother of grown up children. She had yet developed nothing, but simply awakened the germ; she needed Sun. She had to live at least a good part of her life happy, because it is with happiness that we better build ourself. They had to guide toward her the attentions, smiles, and divert the troubles, which was not always obvious. She had what we call luck, yet she was unaware of its origin. Up to her to make a good use of it. She believed a lot into Jesus Mary Joseph, so that they had to occasionally appear to her in this form to tell her stories, like a dad to his toddler. The Eolis did this once, drawing from her own mind the pictures and scenes she expected. This time the Eolis did not compressed time, right on the contrary they thoroughly enjoyed these moments! It was a good laugh, and of good quality, in all benevolence. These naive Earthlings were moving like babies. The Eolis did not needed any effort: they really had faces of small funny Jesus which were perfect for that! They could never make those fat Chinese Buddhas. This is probably why they were sent to Europe. As for the real Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it is not their style to come and claim copyright!

For the third Earthling entrusted to the Eolis, it was more serious. The flame was already burning in his heart. But he was still hesitant: was he to continue his lazy life in his father's court, or will he become a monk? With his father, he was doing what he wanted, but the atmosphere was not very refined. (we were still far from the time of the troubadours, and the lack could be strongly felt). Among the monks, he would live closer to nature, Mutual Aid and prayer, but he had to work, which was not really enchanting our man. Cruel dilemma. The Eolis here were very discreet; they meditated and prayed. The earthling had to learn to identify his ideal and fortify his real aspirations, at the expense of the superficial temptations. Besides, a third choice could intervene, and be more within reach for him, such as this young sincerely pious woman who just arrived discreetly at the court... a skein, I tell you, that only the concerned beings had the right to unravel.

At the end of the time of the Eolis, the roles were redistributed. Those who took their turn with the son of the Squire were not Eolis, nor even human... Waaaaah! Spielberg invented nothing! For the young serf, it was Earthlings between two lives. Without having yet liquidated all their problems, they were already of enough goodwill to serve.

The guardian angels of the three Earthlings also lengthily thanked the Eolis, and discussed with them on technicalities. If you call these discussions such lightning synergies of ideas, these intuitive explosions, these fluid conceptual ballets which replace them most advantageously in the astral. We can even speak at several without inconvenience. The «trick», I give it, so that you can use it if you go in astral, and it happened that I saw it working in a good old scouts meeting. It is enough that everyone is enthusiastic about the common idea, seeking to understand and build on it: it sometimes appears an idea that no one had before the others, so that it belongs to the group. But for this to work you must not do it on purpose.

The guardian angel also lengthily questioned the Eolis on their attitude with the rabbit. He was intrigued. They would speak of this in their next angelic cell meeting. The mess was already such on Earth that this group did not cared for animals, usually less disturbed than humans. Certainly they suffer more, and in full innocence, but they have less pride. They therefore fare better, but not alone: The help of healed humans is essential. Hence the order of emergency adopted by many of the guardian angels. Is it the best? Not necessarily, and other disembodied souls or angels take care of the animals.


For the return on Aeoliah, our friends chose to manifest one hour after their departure. It was safer like this, as the lookouts could monitor them more easily. It does not look like this, but it is a whole organization, with minute details to resolve.

This time they had a reaction that we may find curious: the Eolis were feeling so good and so happy to have served, that they continued their meditation, quite simply. It was certainly to clarify any miasma, but mostly it is really a joy to help souls to emerge and to evolve. And afterwards they were enjoying this bliss in a complicit silence ... By mutual unspoken agreement the technical tune-ups were postponed to the next workout.

No other major incidents having occurred, training and discussion sessions alternated with sorties of the first team, which began to involve members of the second team, less confident. So they were able to gradually introduce and launch the second team.

The Souls First Aid then took a pleasant turn that nobody expected, but which could well be explained by the good they provided. Yet they knew it well, the Eolis, that the only real source of joy and happiness in life is to do the good without counting.

The fourth travel was rather similar to the third. But each time they intervened for a different earthling. This time they worked in coordination with the guardian angel of an Irishman. In his land, the living conditions were more fair than with the Frankish serfdom. They even allowed for some freedom of thought and spiritual progression, in this country of pioneer monks far from the Roman hegemony. The Eolis had not to intervene from themselves, they just had to bring some extra energy that the guardian angel had requested, since the Irishman was about to have some consciousness opening, about the pleasures of mutual help and group work. What a pity if they let him waste this opportunity, since he unknowingly was condemned to death by a disease of karmic origin. This consciousness opening, before his death, would allow him to better start his future life, and perhaps to avoid the painful hardship of this disease.

While waiting, they had to send him the positive energies requested for his consciousness awakening, and avoid certain problems to block him. Already the Eolis found him in a state of exaltation, but they had to depart two weeks later (the maximum allowed for them) without seeing the result. This does not work all the time. We can only help a soul, never force it.

No matter, the Eolis, after one month of life on Aeoliah, went back for news, at the time of their fifth travel. The job was done in between, not perfectly aligned, but the most difficult was over. The guardian angel could manage alone, now. Anyway the Earthling was enthusiastic! The bacteria could come, he had a reason to live, now.

It was the turn of the Eolis to be interested in the ambiguous relationships between the bacteria and the Humans from Earth. On Aeoliah, they are frankly cordial, and Aeolian bacteria are performing in the humblest invisibility quantities of absolutely essential functions. An Aeolian bacteria would never think at proliferating in the body of an Eoli, or any other creature, unless if specifically authorized, as for digestion or for nitrogen fixation. This last function is invaluable, allowing the Eolis to get their protein intake with an essentially fruitarian diet.

There are of course on Aeoliah plenty of real symbiosis between very different beings: bacteria and Eolis, Eolis and plants, plants and birds, trees and rhizobia (fungi which live in contact with roots), humus bacteria and plants... But neither the Eolis nor the plants or animals of Aeoliah really have a defensive immune system comparable to the one of humans. This is not necessary, because in the normal universe the evolution of a planet cannot produce predatory or aggressive species. What happens instead is that the life on Aeoliah maintains a complex system of chemical messages (a kind of RNA which does not code for genes, but can carry many very specific and varied messages) which at any moment informs all the bacteria, whether if they are in a living organism, in a dead one, in an intestine, in a compost, or in the presence of their fellow symbiote. Each bacterium or fungus then strictly executes the corresponding instructions, to sleep, to proliferate, or to secrete a particular substance. This is how animals, plants, trees and Eolis are free from disease. This system is so accurate and effective, that just the body fragrance of an Eoli is enough to protect their clothes for months from rotting!

The Irishman's guardian angel explained them that the souls on Earth obviously not all have human forms, but also animal forms. This was logical, since souls are fundamentally similar, only changes their complexity and their affinities. The simplest souls therefore become animals on Earth, as on all the other planets. The problem which was poisoning humans existed in animals for over hundreds of millions years, and the Humans only inherited it, since their bodily and psychical evolution results from the animal stage. All this gave a notorious mess in Earth's ecology, from the simplest beings to the humans. The black egregore which was a parasitizing Earth, taking over the engine of evolution, ⚠ created monstrous forms, armed with claws and teeth to bite and kill. And it continues today, since the collective viewing of monsters, such as in horror movies or in satanic comics, tends to make them exist, in the form of new diseases, crime, or perverse political systems .

The Simplest souls, but still sane, took various forms of kind animals and all the merry singing birds. So they were able to offer on Earth Poetry and Beauty, tenderness and liveliness... But at the expense of a heavy and permanent sacrifice, as they are easy preys for the monstruous animals, also agile to climb and even to fly.

As for bacteria, the majority of Earth bacteria were quietly living their life. But in the absence of a communication system, some were creating diseases and suffering. As for nitrogen-fixing bacteria, it was a sad story. These bacteria exist in abundance on Earth, in the roots of legumes: beans, peas, acacias, etc. The Plan for the humans was that they should have them in their intestines, which would allow them to produce their proteins from the air. But the Earthlings had begun to eat dead animals, rotten or cooked, and this broke everything. Only some Papuan tribes had managed to secure valuable bacteria. Thus, for this terrible fault, all the other humans were doomed to continue to absorb flesh, or to strife in vast grain fields, instead of easy to grow gardens of fruits and potatoes, as the Plan so generously provided.

The angel, after these explanations, became tender. It often does this to them, the angels, who all are so nice! But you know the angels, we hear more on them than on the Eolis. And they like to confide, especially the guardian angels who are so bored, so often as they are condemned to this thankless task: to look carefully at their protected, who never listen.

«My man, I like him. I know he makese heaps of nonsense, he never heed my advice, he even drinks ale. But he has Humility, so that despite everything, he advances slowly. He does not fight the Universal Truth, he is simply hardly interested, and he proceeds only as a dilettante. I feel sorry when I see him drinking: he then communiates in the lowest vibrations with pseudo-friends in filthy taverns. But deep down I feel that he somewhat aspires to something else...» Then, in a very soft tone: «So I forgive him. And I help. Thank you wholeheartedly for the help, it did good to him. Your energy was very pure.»

Moved, the Eolis humbly took leave, and went off in search of another mission. They did not seek long. A good lord (there was some of them too) had taken possession of his fief, following the death of his father. He was with his serfs of a largesse... which may look very relative for the French of the 20th century, but which at the time was a blessing for these slaves. They were living in three villages, more the servants of the castle, and the new well-being triggered a general euphoria. This kind of events, very conducive to the awakening of personalities, were focusing the attention of benevolent angels, guide spirits and Soul Fist Aid workers. They never were too many. These effervescences fall quickly, facing the terrible atavistic. They had to act quickly, even if they had to correct the burrs later. In fact, during the stay of the Eolis, they could assist, among five hundred villagers and twenty servants, a few partial insights on Peace, and a rather serious one, though unexpected, in a child, about the Beauty of nature.


So was going the Souls First Aid, forgetting the tragedy to become part of the daily lives of the Eolis this village, 1200 years ago.

The sixth travel... But they were already no more counted them.

They had to take care of what we really call a lost soul, lamentable and pitiful spectacle which often repels Soul First Aid workers. In such cases, there is nothing to do... other than to love. But do not wait for a guy to beat you before trying, or it would be to really place yourself in the most difficult case! As a team, in astral, while dividing the roles, it is much easier. So the sad soldier, from the beginning of his zilch career of plunder and abuse at the service of a local tyrant, was subjected to a constant bombardment of thoughts of Love and Hope.

Cases of this sort seem desperate, and the action of the Soul First Aid workers to bring few effective results. At least in appearances. In facts, the hardest steel shell rusts, and sometimes it end up collapsing in a block, without any forewarning, under the irresistible, inevitable action of the the inner germ. The proof: the former soldier is now a vegetarian. This probably spared him many karmic suffering caused by his violent past.

Fortunately during the next journey they had the joy of obtaining immediate results. A story of shared field, which poisoned the life of two families of serfs for twelve years. The Eolis took some initiative, and decided to strike precisely the cause of the evil. The concrete solution of the material problem was obvious: it was enough to cut the field in two (For the Eolis, this made no sense, it was enough to cultivate the whole field together. But this strange concept of sharing was the only accessible to those Earthlings). The two enemies knew it for long; each of the two would have accepted this sharing to end this situation (very painful to their stomachs) if the OTHER proposed this. But... but... it was that the Great Lord PRIDE definitively forbade to do that first step THEMSELVES! With the spiritual assistance of the Eolis, they found the energy to overcome this tyrannical pride. Let say they had common place names, like Peter and Paul. They asked for anonymity, because they are quite well known today in their city, and still associated.

Their memorable dialogue is worth its weight of rye:

Walking slowly, Peter arrives near Paul's cottage, black rump among the dark chestnut trees. He stops to pray, then he advances. The wind brings a smell of old smoke and chestnuts. He trembles, as he never came here since twelve years ago. The kids do not even know him. He forces himself to advance.

Paul sees him. He is so surprised to find him here that he remains speechless. The Eolis, attentive, infinitely discreet, were not compressing time, for sure. The emotion of the great moments was moving all the hearts.

Paul is on the threshold under the hanging thatch canopy. His wife is behind, silent and suspicious. The kids make surprised looks, while eating roasted chestnuts, their only food for the day.

Peter is at the threshold. He remains motionless for a long time. People in this time had tough living conditions, but heck they were even tougher. Yet it is with a big tremor in the voice that he finally says: «Our Lord Jesus Christ requested us to love each other, like brothers of the same family.»

Paul look at him, dumbfounded. His hand goes unconsciously (or consciously, go figure) over the scar of the club blow the other gave him twelve years earlier. Yet from that moment it was won. They were not mathematicians, these people, and yet Paul had understood what Peter was wanting. He could already see where to put the stone, for sharing. These peasants! You believe me if you want, but speaking about Jesus Christ, and especially of Pardon, at this time and in this part of Europe, it was still dangerous. These words had not yet taken a dirty colour of bigotry, they were still new and powerful words, words of pioneers, words which sound clear, words which say what they mean, and our two friends were themselves astonished to pronounce them.

Paul replies in turn, with still more tremolo, after a grave silence: «I have offended you. Can you forgive me?

-Yes I forgive, as did our Lord.

-And I also forgive you, as did Our Lord.»

They were like that, these people.

Paul's wife, relieved after so many time, started sobbing behind him.

They remained silent together, and Pierre left without other words than greetings. They had said. The gift of speech, they did not get to fill the silence.

It was the time of sowing meslin. They went together to see the local lord in his large wooden house surrounded by palisades, for the land to share. He was a good guy, and he was genuinely pleased to see them reconciled.

He slid his knees on the ground and thanked God. Peter and Paul asked him for an axe, since in twelve years, more than grass had grown in their field.

When evening fell, after a day of work together (without even thinking at the landmark) they did not see the pink aura of the Eolis, who rise quietly in the indigo sky. Anyway, it was them who did most of the job, and they could rightly be proud.







Les jardins d'AéoliahThe gardens of Aeoliah        Chapter 11       


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